The Keto Diaries — Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater


It wasn’t pumpkin.

It was a muffin.

Two to be exact.

So, I cheated a bit at our Admin Appreciation Day breakfast and had four chick-fil-a chicken mini’s.

And I felt bad.

And I took my bad feelings to /r/keto, because the two keto groups I’m a part of are very supportive.

Well, /r/keto wasn’t. I got scolded for posting a topic about “cheating” when “cheating posts aren’t tolerated.”

Well, shit. I just wanted some support.

Which made me feel worse.

But I was determined to bounce back. I was going to do my bulletproof coffee (BPC) on Thursday, and an intermittent fast and get back into ketosis.

So much nope.

By lunch I was starving and because it was Thursday before payday, I had like $2 to my name.

So I had another left over muffin.


I know, I’m bad.

But I got home and had a good dinner of scrambled eggs, left over lemon pepper chicken thighs and some hollandaise.

This morning, I was gonna do it right.

I didn’t do BPC, mostly because I was feeling lazy this morning. But because it was payday, I always have a little “treat” and eat out.

I went to the cafeteria this morning and got two scoops of scrambled eggs, a sausage link and a chicken patty with some hot sauce.

And I feel much better.

But this weekend, I’m sticking with kale, bacon, chicken thighs and butter.

But on a more pleasant note, every Friday was made into jeans Friday, and I keep having to pull my favorite jeans up. Also have saggy butt/crotch and these are SKINNY jeans.

The problem is my “fat” jeans are too big, but my smaller jeans that I couldn’t bear to part with and promised myself I’d wear again one day are a bit too snug to be comfortable.

Almost to one quarter of my goal weight loss.




6 thoughts on “The Keto Diaries — Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

  1. Doesn’t anything that starts with /r/ mean you’re going to get berated for something?

    FWIW I don’t consider you a cheater. Every needs a break from the things they do. I don’t care whether it’s work, writing, eating or farting. At some point if we do something every day we all need a break. Going back after the break shows more strength than someone who is too weak to have the break in the first place in case they don’t go back.

    You go girl!

    Liked by 1 person

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