The Long Suffering Political Sigh…


I’ve been ignoring politics lately because there is just so much misinformation and distractions and incidental things that honestly it’s overwhelming and I don’t know what to think.

I haven’t really made my feelings on President Trump known — I mean, I was rooting for Johnson, even though I knew he wouldn’t win because for me, it was the right thing and I was following my heart.

But, goddammit Donald — please remove foot from mouth. It seems like every time I turn on social media or reddit news, Trump’s said some other dumb foot in mouth thing.

And I actually wonder, maybe it was cherry picked and the media ran with the stupidest part and made it a thing. Or maybe he’s not a great orator like Obama, Clinton, or even Hitler was.

For instance, the “why was there a civil war?” comment appears to be taken out of context in that he was talking about Andrew Jackson subverting the Civil War — diplomacy over warfare. Something like that — his dialogue is hard to follow because it’s all random jumbled words clumped together.

But, Donald, any communications you have with the public need to go through your communications office or someone else. Just ask, “Hey dude, should I post this tweet?”

Or memorize stuff. Maybe use all that cash to hire someone to help train you with public speaking or elocution.

You are giving the liberal media bait. Lots of bait, because your foot seems to be permanently stuck in your mouth.

And that’s what my gist of politics has been for the last few months — Trump says something stupid, the liberal media go nuts and froth at the mouth, and it overshadows other important stuff going on in the world.

Impending nuclear war with North Korea, anyone?



9 thoughts on “The Long Suffering Political Sigh…

        • Very much agreed. My buddy, L.P., was talking about people complaining too much and we do — about stupid things. And one of the groups I criticize the most for complaining is third wave feminists — not that women’s rights are a bad thing. I’m very much for equality. However, they pick the stupidest things to complain about in this country, and other first world countries, instead of worrying about atrocities committed upon women in third world countries, and even hidden in the first world — human sex trafficking, FGM, child brides, chattel slavery, HIV/AIDS, lack of education, etc…

          I’m just like — please focus your energy into something more productive.

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  1. You must be special I don’t usually read political post, especially posts about Trump.

    I was however reading an interview the other day with the leader singer of Slayer which I totally agreed with. America is becoming a nation of whingers. Although he’s made comments before about who he supported the statement wasn’t aimed at either side it was aimed at both sides. Every day there is a new whinge from both sides of the fence, one screams how bad Trump is, the other screams how bad the haters are but what doesn’t change is that It’s constant whinging. Of course the media aren’t going to pick up anything good, even if there is good to report, because public unrest makes more of a headline and will always overshadow the real news.

    American’s need to stop whinging about who is in charge, just because your team won is no reason to keep whinging that the other team is crap and just because your team lost is no reason to whinge that the other side cheated. Get the fuck over the whinging, accept one side won and one side lost an if it wasn’t your team that won better luck next time.

    American’s may not want to look at other countries for role models often but they ought to try looking at this country. It’s a different political system but because of constant whinging for each side over the last 10 years we have governments that are too scared to govern in case they upset the small percentage of voters they have and then get knifed in the back by their own party before they serve a full term. We don’t have governments to lead, we don’t have long term plans all we have is a plan to be preferred for 3 years before they run for office again. Add to that now we have a similar bunch of whingers to America, the pro and anti Trump supporters claiming their side is better and that the other side’s treatment of them is garbage.

    That same political things that happen here can’t happen in America but the whinging can lead to a worse outcome than is currently in place.The whole world needs to stop whinging about our elected leaders.

    Now you know why I don’t comment on politics πŸ™‚

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    • Crap!

      My reply didn’t go through!

      I agree completely — people complain too damn much. And because so many people are complaining about Trump and are so very vocal about it, it’s hard to tell what’s true and what’s “fake news”…. his foot IN mouth disease doesn’t help. But also people cherry pick and take what he says out of context.

      Also, apparently when “defending” Trump, I MUST include the disclaimer — I didn’t vote for him. But he’s president now, and we must support. Not supporting him is like cutting off our own head.

      But there’s some people here stupid enough to try it.

      Evidently head transplants might be a thing.

      Gives me the creeps.


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