The Control — Daily Prompt 5


I haven’t done a daily prompt in a while, and this one spoke to me, and it was already something I’ve been mentally toying with.

I’m pretty lazy, except when it comes to a select few things, and only when those select few things become bothersome to me or extremely necessary.

Like, when I take time to do my eyebrows — they must be perfect. When I get into cleaning mode, everything must be clean.

But work is a different story. I clean my office meticulously once a week, all my folders are labeled and in alphabetical order. I am often asked to write procedure and draft protocols, because I’m very detailed and will include pictures with arrows explaining why you need to click this menu before doing X because it will mess up Y. Not just say, “Click X”.

When presented with a task at work, I get it done as quickly, correctly, and efficiently done as possible. I want to do the job right. Not the easy way.

However, my coworkers aren’t the same.

I know my work reflects on me, and if I want a promotion or a good reference, I want my work to speak for me.

Yes, I’m very adamant about doing things correctly, especially when I’m usually the person who has to clean up the mess for people doing things incorrectly.

Also, being INTP doesn’t help — I’m very logic based and always look for ways to do things better and more efficiently to get the best results. I need logic. I need order.

It’s not too much to ask, to be in control of my own work? My own environment? My own life?

Guess so.



6 thoughts on “The Control — Daily Prompt 5

  1. I might share your passion for eyebrow perfection but one look at this place and it can be seen I don’t have the same ideas about cleaning. My wife uses the excuse that it’s the kids and that a messy house is a sign the kids are having fun. I use the excuse that if no one else bothers why should I. It kind of works but my mum hates it and now days she doesn’t visit as often because of it. WIN WIN!! (That’s mean I shouldn’t say that)…..

    …But I digress where was I? Oh yeah my wife and kids are lazy and I need to clean the house. Are you busy this weekend?

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