The Lazy and The Incompetant


I’ve finally though up pseudonyms for my two bitchy coworkers who are trying to make me miserable. Incompetent is the newish (been her almost 5 months) person who continually gets things wrong, then personalizes it when you tell her she keeps doing shit wrong and try to help her correct it, and finally you just have to go to the supervisor and say, “hey, she keeps doing shit wrong.” And then supervisor has to have a come to Jesus with her.

Then there’s Lazy. And Lazy’s laziness has been causing me to have to do more work. Same with Incompetent’s incompetence.

Finally, yesterday, I just got fed up. Lazy keeps skipping a crucial step in our process that is essentially the heart of our program.

But no one has noticed or cares — changes in management, and I’m pretty sure our newish supervisor has bigger stuff going on — like starting at the end of two grant cycles and having to write a federal grant with no grant writing experience. Also, they’re implementing a new “program” that partially involves our little unit — and because it’s the first program like it in the entire country, it’s kind of a big deal.

I finally had to bring it up. This was becoming stupid and I was sick of having to do extra work because Lazy. With incompetent, I bring up everything I find because she is newish, it’s a failure to train issue. And we want to CYA that shit.

So, I brought it to my supervisor’s second in command with just the examples I’d encountered — printed and notated.

Then I got curious and went through Lazy’s caseload and it’s not an isolated thing. In a week’s worth of her work I found over 10 examples of laziness that would cause other people to have to do more work.

And I printed them out and handed them over to second in command — again with notes.

Now, it’s no hard feelings. But I get paid the same as Lazy and Incompetent when they’re either doing half the work or doing the work wrong.

But Lazy is currently looking for alternate employment, so I can see why she’d half ass it. But it doesn’t make it okay.

Still haven’t heard anything about the position I want — hasn’t been posted yet.




11 thoughts on “The Lazy and The Incompetant

  1. Be careful with nick names there is nothing worse than using one instead of the real person’s name. We used to call the owner/boss of the place we used to work Fishnets because she turned up to a depot full of male truck drivers who disliked her in fishnets one night. The nickname stuck until the day one of them let it slip in front of her and she went batshit crazy.

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