The “Automatic Disqualification” and Urge to Runaway from Everything


So, I filled out the application for the job I wanted that I mentioned here and here.

And then I went to check the status of my application to see if it went through and this:


And I took my time. I filled out all the questions I have all the experience they could ever want.

I answered “no” to one question, because lying on job applications is tacky and generally frowned upon.


The rest of my answers were beautiful and well written, well thought out. And I answered yes to all the other questions.

But “no”

But I have a bachelors in Criminology and most of a masters and have a focus in victimization, procedure, ethics… oh yeah… and higher level data analysis. Shit that we don’t do here. Like significance testing, variable coding, SPSS, data collection….

But motherfucking “no”. Fuck that “no”.

Not good enough.

It’s like, I have all these awesome skills… that other people have… and that they have pieces of paper that say they have those skills, even if they aren’t as good as mine.

And, it’s not the money… well it is. Not going to lie, I can’t live off of nothing.

But it’s the goddamn indignation of it all.

Maybe this was just me, but remember when you were a kid and you just wanted to run away… just pack a bag and go. Forget everything else. I tried that once when I was like 7 and just packed up my little Lisa Frank back pack with random things (I was smart enough to pack a jug of water) and went out into the woods. I started building a fort out of sticks and a bed out of leaves and setting up house. Even made a fire pit.

Then it got dark, and mom was calling me for dinner and I went back home.

But as an adult that takes money. Which I haven’t any.

And I just have too much invested to drop everything and leave, even though I sorely want to.

And it just seems irresponsible.

I just renewed my lease, I have two cats that I just can’t abandon, I have stuff that was expensive and I don’t want to part with.

I love to pick up everything and just move across the world and reinvent myself and make a new life.


I hear panhandlers make upwards of $50k annually.



10 thoughts on “The “Automatic Disqualification” and Urge to Runaway from Everything

  1. Here I go again liking something shitty in your life, I’m a real bastard !!

    Sorry you didn’t get the job. I’m sure we’ve all been there, over qualified and more than capable and the job goes to someone else. It helps for a few minutes to think that the person who did get it is not as good and that the boss is an idiot for not realising your potential but it only works for a few minutes.

    Like you I’ve thought about the whole running away from things when jobs didn’t go right (i did it once) and like you I’ve realised it’s not as simple when you’re an adult. I’ve even been known to spit the dummy and go on my own silent strike where I did very little and what I did was half arsed. It doesn’t solve anything but like thinking the boss is a moron it helps for a few minutes.

    Don’t go in an hit your boss either, that just doesn’t work, although it would give you a real reason to flee the country. We don’t have any jobs here, people whinge a lot and everyone wants a hand out but we have sun, surf and eggs if you do need to run and reinvent yourself šŸ™‚

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    • You almost had me with sun, surf, and eggs…. but the no jobs thing is kind of a bummer.

      It’s just frustrating.

      And I know what it is — it the feeling of being stagnant, that nothing is happening and everyday feels the same. Which makes me want to bolt, because it’s off to something new.

      And I dont have it bad…. it’s just everything is the same. Even my problems are so ubiquitous.

      And folks wonder why there are so many depressed people and so many anxious people.

      And I think I did it a few years ago — lost my job, packed up my car, moved across the state. Slept on folks couches.

      Those youg folks who travel the world without jobs or what have you… do they just scrounge, or have wealthy parents, or are psychic and/or really nice and folks just give them stuff because reasons….

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      • Seriously I don’t know what the job situation for someone with your qualifications is here but with power stations, milk processing plants and saw mills closing down it’s hard to suggest we don’t have job issues. In the cities it’s a bit different and crime is big business so you might be highly sort after. Or you could be like other 20 somethings which they now call Gen Snowflake….actually I wont explain that because it’s not you!

        In this country alot of young back packers get jobs fruit picking etc, it’s average money and back breaking work but no one else wants it. Some of them I actual applaud for getting off their arse and working their way around the world. Most of our Snowflakes are home grown and should learn a thing or two from the back packers.

        I’ll warm the egg cooker for your eminent arrival!!

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          • There is this new invention called planes šŸ˜›

            The problem with fruit picking is that not many consider it’s worth it. There is no doubt it’s back breaking and you do need to be somewhat fit but our Snowflakes would rather get art degrees then when they do get jobs they have to be high end jobs in an office and not a shared office. Very few want to start at the bottom whether they have the qualifications or not.

            We have boiler makers and welders reskilling to be officer workers from the top of their game to the bottom of someone elses. We have accountants and managers leaving the corporate world to drive trucks. Then we have Snowflakes who go to uni and after four years if they can’t be CEO they go on the dole and ask for handouts to live in their expensive inner city apartments and complain about coffee shops smelling of coffee. <— That one is a legit complaint apparently. A bunch of trendy twenty somethings moved in over a busy coffee shop and cafe area and now they want the council to shut down the coffee shop because it smells like coffee!!

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          • Looking back to when I was 18 and stupid and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life — totally would go back and go to trade school instead of uni.

            Maybe a welder or mechanic — evidently if you are any good, you can make a lot of money.


          • Builders here are making the big bucks. we’ve got apprentices on union building sites in the city earning over $150k per year, not even 3 years into their working career.

            I don’t regret the path I chose but there is things I’d do differently.

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