The Giggles at My Expense

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Well, my favorite person that I work with has gone. Her last day was yesterday and we had a food thing for her. Moving on to bigger and better things… and lots more money.

Kudos to her!

It was kind of weird coming in and expecting her in her office and having to keep reminding myself that she’s not there.

But it kind of hit me how alone I was in here when I hear Incompetent and Lazy making snide comments and giggling about me — like my entire person is some sort of hateful inside joke of theirs.

Yesterday during our going away lunch for My Ally, Lazy and Incompetent sequestered themselves at the end of the table in the Mexican restaurant.

And this is just a me thing, because I hate talking to people on the phone who are in loud places, but she took this really personal call, at the table and was arguing with her kids’ daycare… in this loud restaurant at lunch…

unnamed (2)

Probably a me thing.

But yes… they are definitely keeping entertained at my expense.

My knee length dresses, my awkward-in-between-growing-out-stages hair cut. I just had to trim the back because it was looking like I had a mullet. Evidently the back grows out faster than the front and I looked like I had this awesome 80’s permed mullet — that wasn’t really permed because curly hair. Also not awesome because mullets are out of style.


Maybe it’s my not so skinny anymore jeans because I’m in between pants sizes.

Maybe because I’m just awkward, but funny and kind of endearing.

But I’m totally leaning towards the “they’re just hateful, negative bitches” theory.

Makes the most sense.

Heard the short dresses comment yesterday. It was raining and I didn’t want to get my cuffs wet and have to deal with it all day, so dress!

“People be wearing too short dresses around here.”

An assistant entered the waiting room twice: once, she came in wearing pants and a blue top and the next time she came in wearing a mini-skirt. The women waiting barely noticed her in pants but the mini-skirt caused all but two of them to criticize her and even speculate about her morals.


In Campbell’s piece, Vaillancourt says this kind of hostility has come about through evolution.

When men are scarce, competition increases and females “drive-down” a woman’s “mate value” through gossip and insults.


So yeah… I’ve lost an ally in this.

Is it sad that this is the way grown women interact with each other?

Like grown women, who are much older than my almost 30 years acting like Regina George.






8 thoughts on “The Giggles at My Expense

  1. Where did you get the pic of me and my hair? 🙂

    You wont get any arguments out of me about people and their phones. I hate the things, when mine does ring I hate talking on it and try to make every call as short as it can be. The landline is a little different but I still only talk for extended times to my parents. I suffer from industrial deafness so talking in a group of people is bad enough but there is no way I’d try to have a decent conversation on a phone in public.

    You should have started a food fight!

    If you want to feel less lonely bring a soft toy into work and sit it on your desk. If anyone asks tell them it’s your new friend because he/she talks more sense than anyone else in the office.

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  2. Hello. Yes, women can be so awful to each other. I think a lot of it stems from jealousy, unhappiness and low self-esteem…Mean women are mean because they have other issues. There’s nothing wrong with you – definitely lean heavily towards the “they’re just hateful, negative bitches” theory! Take care, and hope work gets a bit easier. Carly

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