The Hormonally Induced Temporary Madness


Between puppy sitting, a very large undisciplined three month old dog that likes to jump on me with his pink thing hanging out, and being crampy and feeling like there’s a honey badger taking up residence in my insides… been kind of lonely.

Royally and immeasurably pissed at S.O., which I assure you is very much deserved. After rescheduling my IUD insertion appointment the THIRD time, S.O. couldnt get the day off, even though I told him SIX WEEKS AGO and he forgot so he only put in the time off like two weeks ago…

“Well, I can come and check on you Friday night, but I have to leave really early on Sunday because it’s Mother’s Day”


Just no.

At that point I really don’t want to see your face.

I made the mistake of watching videos of the procedure on youtube, because I’m a masochist, and reading stories online.

Essentially — 90 seconds of comparable child birth pains, knowing very suddenly and painfully where your uterus is in your body, embarrasingly and loudly shouting “fuck”, vomiting and/or fainting.

No local anesthetic shot… they tell you to take some advilabout an hour before.

I have a standing script for tramadol for back pain that I never use… might have to call some in.

Also, S.O. agreed to pay my copay for this foreign pregnancy-preventing object.

But by him flaking, it means he’s not.

More angry about the flaking than the not paying — well, shit. Actually the not paying is part of the flaking, it would seem.

Also, I’m not thrilled about the driving myself home after going through all of those thing listed above.

More worried about the vomiting and/or fainting than anything.

Haven’t talked to him since Friday.

I did use obvious girl code for letting him know I was pissed — “you can do whatever, I dont care.”

Guys, if your female S.O. ever tells you that, she’s pissed.

So yeah, my weekend.

Also, according to FB, a bunch of my mutual friends in town went blueberry picking today…

Guess who didn’t merit an invite?

I’m just kind of having an “I can’t even” moment with people right now.

I watched a Thoughty2 video ย about how receivng “likes” on social media is comparable to doing drugs in a brain-chemistry-dopamine kind of way, while not receiving likes or affirmation from peers on social media mimics depression in the brain.

I kind of want to delete FB for a while. But Messenger is my primary way of communicating with folks because of polter-phone.



34 thoughts on “The Hormonally Induced Temporary Madness

  1. I feel like I want to reach out and pat you on the head….but that would probably be condescending. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll send you my hand to hold if you need it, it will make typing harder but I only use four fingers anyway so it’s not a huge loss!

    “Guys, if your female S.O. ever tells you that, sheโ€™s pissed.”

    So saying nothing at all is a good sign then? Phew I thought I was in trouble again!

    Totally on board with your thoughts on FB though. I have a poem that’s been sitting on my computer for about three months that I’m yet to publish which bluntly explains why I think FB and everyone on it should just fuck off.

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    • Totally busted out laughing — appreciate the hand hold. Means a lot considering I’m slightly terrified.

      Females are weird and strange creatures — saying nothing is also a thing we do when pissed. It’s called “the silent treatment”. As little girls, we are taught that if you dont have anything nice to say to not say anything. Also, in our minds, it is a mental exercise for men — instead of us telling you what you did wrong, we are encouraging you to exercise your problem solving and analytical skills to figure out what you did wrong.

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      • Any sort of surgery is a weird thing, it’s normal to be in fear of it, just don’t let that fear take over and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

        How are us mere males suppose to solve such problems on our own? We don’t have the skills a female does, we can’t solve such issues without help. I don’t mind putting in some work myself but sometimes a guiding light is needed.

        Are men allowed to do the silent treatment and make women figure out what pissed them off?

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          • Female logic anc male logic are different, mostly in that female logic is more emotive based while male logic is based more in tangible things.

            From my experience these arent mutually exclusive — men have done stupid things that seemed “logical” but were based in emotion — prime example are male snowflakes. Same with women, making decisions based on tangible things, not just emotive.

            Depends on base personality and whether or not the individual is rational.

            ^^arm chair psych observation. Take with shaker of salt… and lime… maybe tequilla but only if you want regrets.

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          • I don’t have regrets I am perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

            You might get in trouble with the sisterhood letting out all these secrets that show the female of species to be nearly as human as the male of the species

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          • I’ve already been labeled a traitor lol.

            It’s what happens when you dont drink the koolaid.

            And this isnt that I’m unsympathetic to women’s issues (like menstrual leave needs to be a thing because if I feel as bad tomorrow as I did today, I’m calling out from work), breastfeeding, child birth and all things regarding the whole reproduction thing.

            But as soon as you bring up how when a man is raped he isnt taken seriously, no domestic violence shelters for men, parental rights, incarceration rates and sentencing compared to females who commit the same crimes….

            Third wave feminists/snowflakes start foaming at the mouth.

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          • What really bugs me about both sides is how vocal some people get. I’ve got a mate who has been diddled by the family court system and that sucks but every second thing he posts on FB is almost women hate. It’s like he seeks out every story where the female kills her kids or partner just so he can rebuttal any story about a violent male. Before he found out he was a father he was never as bigoted but now days it’s like a second job. I’ve told him heaps of times that one day his ex will show his son his FB rants and that will be harder to deal with than having an ex who keeps taking him to court for money but he still thinks it’s all a game. I also have a female friend who does the same from the other side of the fence. The really sad thing is they both know each other yet can’t see themselves in the other person.

            If you really need a good excuse to get out of work try the one a mate used for me one day when I was hung over. “He can’t come to work today because he’s as sick as a dog.”
            I had no idea that was the excuse he used until the next day I got to work and everyone was asking me what being as sick as a dog felt like.

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          • “Sick as a dog” is a total Southernism lol. It’s almost cliche here.

            I usually use the “need to be within 15′ of a bathroom at all times”

            Usually they wont question you. But I had this surly boss lady when I worked at one of the call centers and she copped an attitude and I just blurted out really loudly “I have explosive diarrhea. Like dysentary.” Pretty true actually. Everyone looked at me and her and she told me to go. This is the same boss who gave me a bunch of shit for not wanting to give everyone in the call center staph when I had it all over my face. Literal biological hazard.

            But as for the over vocal people — some folks are just bitter attention whores. They want to externalize their bitterness onto every one they can.

            It’s sad.

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          • Sick as a dog is generic here but not often used as an excuse. The annoyance is for a single day off we don’t need an excuse and even doctors only have to write “a medical condition” on a certificate for any number of days off. But whenever you get creative and use a term like sick as a dog for one day off people go all strange.

            Most bosses/supervisors here get nervous with more detail. If they ask questions which they aren’t legally able to do unless it’s work related, and you really want them to back off go into extreme details. It’s amazing how quickly they find something else to talk about.

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          • Well I don’t have the bits that make me feel that bad ๐Ÿ™‚

            But it’s lunch time and it’s not raining, and oh shit I just remembered I was going to go and out spray weed killer around the yard.

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          • Actually I don’t get a bad experience, my wife is pretty good with it all. It doesn’t go unnoticed by either of us and I can be an inconsiderate male apparently but that isn’t relegated to once a month.

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          • Haha as dirty as it sound I was being innocent. I don’t mind slaving over a stove for my wife and kids and I am a mere male so bowing down and accepting that from time to time makes for a peaceful house ๐Ÿ™‚

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          • I agree. There is some things that my wife doesn’t do that shits me and there are times that cooking for the kids only to have them tell me they don’t want it shits me too but I still do it 🙂

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          • We do that a little bit but there are some things the kids wont eat. I get narky when they wont try something. I have no problem with them not liking something, there was plenty of things I disliked as a kid that mum made us eat, but at least try it.

            Miss 8 told us tonight she wasn’t eating sausages, hates them except when Pa cooks them on the BBQ, but the rest of us eat them (mainly because we want something different sometimes). So tonight she said she wouldn’t eat Devilled Sausages despite never trying them because it had sausages in it. She decided to taste it and she loved it. If she’d tasted it and didn’t like it I would have said ok, but without tasting the choices become less.


          • Interesting. I just tried to comment on your latest post and it didn’t post. Not sure if posting from here is going to be any different but going by the way it reloaded the screen it looks like my comment must have been treated as spam

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