The Crampy Monday Hookie Day


Yay lady times.

Laying on my couch with my heating pad, Harley Cat, nausea, headache, and Farscape.

Looking at the plus side — being at home with cramps is better than dealing with work bitches with cramps.

Later this evening when not in excruciating pain and cuddling with my heat pad, I did paint my toe nails. Just something to feel pretty. Also knicked my toes when shaving my legs. Damn societal beauty standards not being accepting of my hobbit feet my dad so kindly gave me in the genetic lottery.

After 72 hours of the “silent treatment” I broke down and asked S.O. how his day was. Now we’re having this awkward pissing match conversation about pet training because I said the dog was undisciplined and gross.


I want to just come out and ask what his fucking problem is, but doing it over FB Messenger seems tacky and inappropriate.

Note: he did not ask how my day was or how I was feeling. Only asked about puppy sitting. OR apologize for flaking on my IUD appointment, of which he agreed to pay my copay.

And I’m sorry if that sounds weird or greedy, but if you are a lady and in a relationship where the man doesn’t at least help with fronting the costs of contraception, ya’ll need to have a come to Jesus meeting. It takes two to tango.

Bah… dunno what to do.

Relationships are weird.



16 thoughts on “The Crampy Monday Hookie Day

  1. I absolutely concur that it is both the male and female’s responsibility to share costs and efforts on birth control. (or safe sex in general for whatever mixed gender partnership persons may be in.) that sucks that he’s bailing on you about it. can you hold off “activity” until the issue is at least discussed?

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  2. Absolutely. Holding out on sex, although seemingly petty, is an effective tool. We’re working shit out. Lack of love has never been our problem, but working out incidental shit and talking about our feelings (I hate that phrase) is a problem. Don’t want to comment or write until I’ve got a handle on it all. There will probably be a come to Jesus talk, but there is some hope on the future that will reduce long distance stress by 100 percent, and relationship stress by 90. Fingers crossed.


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