The Search for Good News — Dolly Parton is a Classy Lady


I’d just noticed I’d been pretty down lately after going through some of my older posts.

So, I went in search of good news.

And I have to say Dolly Parton is one classy lady.

More than five months after wildfires ravaged portions of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Dolly Parton hasn’t stopped surprising her hometown fire victims with her generosity.

In December, Parton announced her My People Fund and promised each family who had lost its primary residence in the fires $1,000 a month for the next five months. When Parton arrived this week to help dole out the final payments, she brought the nearly 900 families an unexpected bonus – another $5,000 each for a total of $10,000.

She also revealed another surprise – the creation of the Mountain Tough organization to provide ongoing support to fire victims over the next three years and the pledge to fund it with at least $3 million.

Mountain Tough will start June 1 and pick up where the My People Fund left off. Its goal is to help individuals and families impacted by the fire by providing resources for low income individuals and families in Gatlinburg and the surrounding areas with an eye on the long term needs of those impacted. The organization will be staffed with case managers who will identify the immediate needs of residents and the most effective ways to use funds to help, which could include transportation to a job or medicine for health conditions caused by the fire.

“It makes me feel humble,” Parton said of being able to raise and donate money to the fire victims. “It makes me feel proud that I’ve been able to do something. But I don’t put myself on any kind of pedestal for doing this because it’s the right thing to do. I’m a Smoky Mountain girl, and I’ve been blessed in my life to become a celebrity. And when you’re in a position to help, you should help.”

The Sevier County area is rebounding from the blaze. Parton said “everybody has pulled together and things are back to normal.”

“All of Sevier County is really up and running,” she said. “It’s better than ever.”

See… this is the kind of thing that needs to happen more often. People helping people.

Honestly, if I had that kind of money I’d probably do the same thing. Especially if it were to happen in my own back yard.

A group of friends and I were planning, that if we won the Power Ball that time it was over $1B, we were going to divvy it up among ourselves. My plan was to pay off my debt, set my family up, set me up with a nice little place in the middle of nowhere. I’d set aside enough to be comfortable on for the rest of my life, while still working, and donate the rest to various charities.

We talked about setting up a “bill paying lottery” where people would send us their bills and we’d do a lottery and pay the bills of the winner.

Also, and this is me being a crazy cat lady, but I’d love to start a cat shelter. There’s one out in California, I believe, that they have a vet on site to do neuters and spays and treat injuries/check ups. Then the cats have like 10 acres to roam with a house.

Also, I’d donate a lot to various children’s hospitals.

And immediately hire a lawyer, because when folks find that you have money, they come out of the woodwork like termites.



5 thoughts on “The Search for Good News — Dolly Parton is a Classy Lady

    • Agreed. Despite what people say about her looks, she is so kind and generous. It just sucks that people are more concerned about how many plastic surgeries she’s had instead of her philanthropy — she’s raised money for the Red Cross, has a literacy program where she mails enrolled children books every month from birth to kindergarten, working with fish and wildlife on conservation efforts, HIV/AIDS awareness. This woman does NOT get enough credit.

      This woman is my hero lol.

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      • She is an inspiration! I was aware of all of the things she did for different charities. What a wonderful way to spend her life, helping those in need. I love her even more now! …And I don’t care what people say..I think she looks great!! 🙂

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