The Balut Adventure and Beach Plans


I went to Besty and Motorhead’s (finally thought of a pseudonym for Besty’s boyfriend).

The invitation stated:

“Would you like to come over for dinner? We have vegetables and half developed chicks”

Yes. That is what Balut is.

I just watched as Besty ate the Balut and said it tasted like chicken organ meat.

I can see that.

I stuck with the veg.

I’ve really never been a fan of organ meat. I like fried chicken gizzards, and that’s about it. I’ve tried liver in every iteration my grandma could think of, and I liked the taste, but the texture weirded me out. The only time I enjoyed eating chicken liver was when it was wrapped in bacon and deep fried.

But everything would be amazing wrapped in bacon and deep fried.

We started watching 13 Reasons Why and it’s got a good “suck you in” effect. We’re about to start the third episode.

Either High School is completely different now, compared to 11-12 years ago, or they just got a lot of stuff wrong. Like, when I was in High School, there weren’t awesome parties. College, yes. Not High School. And we didn’t have that much open access to weed and beer.

But I also wasn’t a rich kid, and neither were Besty and Motorhead. Maybe a rich kid thing?


We decided that if I’m not in completely debilitating pain, we’re going to try for the beach.

We usually go to St. George Island and spend the day there.


Then we usually go and get fresh oysters in Apalachicola.


With Mother’s Day looming, don’t know if it will be a Sunday or Saturday thing. Both Besty and Motorhead’s mothers live in town, not across the state like my family. \

And still radio silence from S.O.



3 thoughts on “The Balut Adventure and Beach Plans

  1. *hyperventilates over the balut* I couldn’t do it either. I would wind up crying over the whole thing, lol.

    As for the silence from the s.o. Donno what to say except that you deserve better. :/


    • The balut was definitely… interesting. Evidently my scathing commentary threw S.O. into a drunken existential crisis of his own for the last two days. I got more impatient after radio silence for 48 hours, had an emotional breakdown, sent him something mean (which looking back was very wrong) and he came back with this long heartfelt thing. And I kind of feel like the fuckass now.

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