The Importance of Goals


When I was in elementary school and they were talking about how setting goals and meeting your goals was important and we’d have bulletin boards and whatever goals we met they’d give us a gold star.

After a while, I thought it was trite and stupid. Especially during my teenage years.

But as of late, I realize how important they are, especially since I’m out of school and I just feel like I’m kind of drifting out there with nothing but work going on, and maybe a little bit of a social life. And just feeling like your whole life is this 8-5 bullshit is the pits. You get in this bizarre fugue-ennui kind of state.

So, some of the goals I want to set to accomplish in the next few years:

  • Get a raise/better paying job by the end of this year.
  • Save at least $1000 — been living kind of paycheck to paycheck as of late, which makes it really hard to save.
  • Crochet an afghan — I have some really pretty colors in mind. I want to do a light gray, pewter, navy blue, and deep teal blue chevron pattern kind of like this:10061185206_dd6bb8ea89_z
  • Lose 100lbs before my birthday in October (already 3/10 of the way there!!!)
  • Continue eating keto for the next few years, maybe with a few cheat days.
  • Learn more Spanish — ongoing
  • Figure out what’s going on with my love life in the next month.
  • Work on some sort of continuing education and probably finish my MS degree. Maybe.
  • Learn SQL — ongoing
  • Travel abroad — I really have my heart set on going to Germany, Japan, Kenya, Alaska, Belize, Tristan Da Cunha, Australia, South Korea, and Thailand. I want to go to Tristan Da Cunha, especially, because it is the most remote inhabited island in the world.


  • Read more books, in general. I’m still working my way through Barbara Kingsolver’s “Prodigal Summer“.
  • Grow my WordPress — either with followers, more meaningful dialogue, experiences, posts, ideas, etc…

And that’s my list.



7 thoughts on “The Importance of Goals

  1. That’s my problem, I never had goals. As a kid I wanted to be a truck driver, I did that by the time I was 16 so I tried more trucks, but the goal was accomplished and it was just a job.

    I was told at the age of 13 I couldn’t write and had no future making up stories, so I gave up.

    I was told if I wanted a good job I need to either join the military or go back to school after finishing school. I’d had enough of school by 14 (I went for another four years though I wasn’t silly enough to quit without an education) there was no way I wanted to go to uni.

    Since then I have never really had goals, just jobs that I’ve created for myself. I suppose I have had some personal goals but someone always wants to shit on them too so I tend to give up.

    Now I just remembered your website hates me and this might not go through 🙂

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    • I used to write a lot when I was in high school. When I first started uni, I was an English Literature/creative writing/journalism major and it just kind of took all my love out of writing and reading.

      I changed to criminology and got really good at technical writing and research and case law.

      Like I’ve said before, I deleted a lot of the stuff I wrote in the past because I hated it. Kind of regret it and I’d be amused to look back and see the differences.


  2. You’re so right that having goals is very important. It’s so easy to get lost in a funk and even harder to draw yourself out of it. Your goals are admirable and I hope you succeed with each one. 💜💜💜

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