The Stuck in the Rain Paradox

So, I’m just sitting in my car, having just got drenched to the bone running groceries from the store to my car after mother nature decided to have a random monsoon while I was in Winn Dixie.

I did get my IUD this morning. Insertion was as painful as I expected, but recovery was better. Also killing my liver/kidneys with Advil. Which is why recovery isnt so bad. Do have to say it was the most painful 90 seconds of my life — but it is kind of awesome. I feel like I kind of just told my reproductive system to “behave and quit causing me so much trouble!” Also, with the weird political things going on with healthcare and reproductive rights, I’m happy I have a five year plan.

I had weird energy all day despite random pinchy pains and residual cramps. I swung over to Hobby Lobby and picked up yarn to start my afghan — it’s going to be a navy, teal, silvery gray, pewter, and stormy gray chevron/zig zag pattern. They were having a sale and I got seven skeins of Yarnbee’s Soft Secret for $20.

Also went by Walmart and found the entire series of Daria on DVD for $20.

So yeah, I crocheted and watched Daria all afternoon.

Kind of weirdly ravenous and simultaneously nauseated at the same time.

So yeah, sitting in the Winn Dixie parking lot completely drenched waiting for the rain to let up.

Ooooo…. weighed in this morning at my gyno’s office fully clothed with shoes, and I’m 34lbs down!

Also, spoke with S.O.; no resolution. Will write about that when I figure out what’s going on.



6 thoughts on “The Stuck in the Rain Paradox

  1. I love the retro quality of your last picture. Also glad to hear your IUD appointment went well and that the pain was minimal. Hells yeah to the yarn being on sale and for finding Daria. Your kitty is very cute.

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    • Vesper is my funny little black cat — she lived with a cat hoarder for the first year of her life, then spent six months in a shelter. When I heard her story, I took her home immediately. She’s been with me for almost two years

      And my other cat, Harley, gave me the business for the next six months.

      Now they just tolerate each other.

      Harley was also a shelter kitty. She’s 10 now. I got her when she was 10 months old.

      Harley has “kitty manners”, like when she hops in bed, she won’t walk over you — she’ll walk around. She won’t jump on you or use you as a jumping board. And she won’t take your seat. Vesper is the exact opposite. She doesn’t have “kitty manners”. lol

      I think I just let my crazy cat lady show.

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