The Extra Recovery Day


Sorry I’ve been sparse. Having some wicked bad cramps — how I explained the whole thing to S.O.

Cramps run on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being completely debilitating and sobbing. Insertion was like a 20. The cramps I’ve been having are like an 8ish, but more pinchy. I’ve been having to take wayyyy much advil to take the edge off.

Going to call in the tramadol and methocarbimol I use for back spasms and sciatica and pick it up tomorrow. Really kicking myself for not calling it in on Friday.

Last night was pretty gnarly. Right now, its just a 6 on my cramp scale with some weird pinchy feelings.

So, yeah, totally going to take tomorrow off and rest.

Especially if it’s taking 800-1200 mg of advil to be functional.

I feel that I will probably need my stomach lining/kidneys/liver in the future.



6 thoughts on “The Extra Recovery Day

  1. What are you going to use those bits for in the future? 🙂

    I understand the pain scale, right now I’ve got about a 8 in my eye and it’s been like that for 24 hours. *Pro Tip: don’t rub eye because it’s itchy and don’t keep rubbing it because it’s sore 🙂

    When my shoulder plays up it’s a pain I can’t really describe so I don’t often say anything. Recently when Miss 8 asked me about how sore my shoulder was the only thing I could come up with was “it aches so badly I’m not even able to cry”…which I had to explain as the ache was so bad that for a brief period of time the entire body just shuts down and nothing works.

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  2. Hey, I had an IUD inserted in the summer and I suffered like hell for about a month, I thought it was never going to get better but now I honestly feel like it was the best decision regarding birth control, you’ll pull through!

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    • Thanks for the reply!

      I agree. My hopes are that these horrible cramps will subside and my normally debilitating periods will calm down. I’ve had dysmenorrhea since I was 11 and actually asked my mom for a hysterectomy (my nana just had one and she explained what it was to me).

      Day 5 and I called in again — laying on the couch with my heat pad and pain meds and muscle relaxers.

      I’m sorry you had to go through all that, but you give me hope that it will work out in the end.

      Thanks again.


      • It definitely will, don’t worry too much about it! I had very abundant periods that were very uncomfortable. Cramps are now mild and I have barely no period at all, even though I have consistent cycles.

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        • That is my goal. I have had horrible periods since I was 11. I remember my mom having to check me out of middle school two or three days a month because cramps were so bad. Last year I was on three different BC’s to mitigate symptoms. They tried the 9 weeks straight of hormone pills to space them out. It worked for the first round, but after that I spotted for 40 days. The second one made me have two in one month — so much nope. The third gave me weird preggo symptoms and made me crazy.

          I really hope this works. Your situation is my best case scenario and I’m glad its working for you. 🙂


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