The Weekend Plans Deferred


Good afternoon fine folks!

For the last two weeks I’ve been trying to plan a damn beach day.

And I was totally going to go tomorrow with S.O. (with whom I’m on speaking terms now), but the rain stepped in and wrecked that plan.

But honestly, I don’t know if I’ll be up to it.

Been noticing a trend with these cramps — they tend to start up around noonish and progressively get worse.

However, yesterday I felt pretty good in the evening without having taken anything for pain.

So, we’re going to go and catch the new Alien movie.

I’m pretty stoked about it. Been a fan of the Alien franchise since I was a kid. I own all the films except for the fourth Alien and the second AVP.

What I really hope for is a director’s cut of Prometheus. A lot of the stuff they cut out for “pacing” would have been the solution to the problems folks had with the film. Like there was this awesome fight scene with the engineer which got cut out; it would definitely have helped the film.

It’s like film makers just want to run through the plot real fast, and not build characters. For instance, the new Independence Day film. The first one really built the characters and made you sympathize and like them. One film I saw recently which excelled at that was “It Follows”. Which is very terrifying.

Also, Besty and Motorhead want to take us to this awesome burger joint.

But I digress. I’ve got cramps. Work is slow. I did get asked to do a graphics project. I like those little things my boss passes down.

I usually like to walk on my lunch break, but it’s too damn hot.




3 thoughts on “The Weekend Plans Deferred

  1. You’re not wrong about the heat, 90 degrees that’s nearly hot enough to boil water 😛

    Tell your boss to ask me to do a graphics project, I could do with something different to do for a day or so. 🙂


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