The Working Out of Things


Happy Saturday fine folks!

Spending day with S.O. We had our come to Jesus meeting this morning and got our feelings out. Plans have been modified — He’s found out about an opening in his area that’s a $20k annually raise. He’s got a good chance at getting it because of connections in the area.

Although I lived in Valdosta for eight years, it’s not a place I want to live again. However, if S.O. gets that job, I’m going to relocate. I mean, I’ve been here for three years now and I’m kind of stuck in a rut. Haven’t made many really good friends, and the cost of living is higher. Haven’t found better job.

He’ll put in a good word with his current employer and try to get me in there — slight pay cut, but it’s got PTO and holidays, whereas I currently dont have PTO and have to stay late and make up time because I’m technically a ‘temp’, but not really. My job classification (other personel services aka OPS) was originally designed as a temp job, but it saved the state so much money, they were classifying not temp jobs as OPS. I mean, I do get insurance and a mandatory retirement account, where 7% of my paycheck goes. But no PTO. If I miss work, I have to make it up by staying late/coming in early (thanks Slick Rick).

Working in state government made me care who the governor is.

So, the plan is now, whoever of us gets the better job, we’ll good-word the other one into our previous position. Then relocate.



14 thoughts on “The Working Out of Things

          • $25, we have to pay that for one paperback here. Kmart, Target etc sell paper backs and trade paper backs for about $15-20 but hard backs are rarely less than $25. Used to be cheaper for us to get them from Amazon, then Book Depository, but now no where is cheap.

            Still I suppose we could always throw Kindles.

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          • I only had to do that on the odd occasion I went through the front door. My trips were in and out of the sully port.

            I was suppose to stop at the line, about a truck length from the door, so they could see me. Then I had to wait until the door was fully open and the guard had come to my window to check it was me. Then drive inside, they’d shut one door, I had to turn off the engine and get out, while I handed over everything on my person (phone, wallet, keys etc), the truck got searched inside and out, then the second door opened and I drove into the prison yard. Repeat for way out.

            But after a few months some of the guards were lazy, they’d open each door one after the other, walk beside me as I drove and stand by the truck as I unloaded. Half the time they wouldn’t even check the back of the truck on the way out.

            Their laziness basically became the first big scene in my second novel and the only time I have ever written about a prison break.

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          • That sounds awesome…. the novel, not the lax security.

            My brother’s got some interesting prison stories — one time he was running money for “parlay” (think its a game or gambling thing of some sort). Well, someone got mad about something and schlocked (padlock inside of a sock) my brother.

            In the face.

            Stitches inside and out of mouth, broke his jaw (had to have it wired shut), and knocked out his front tooth… all this after my folks paid thousands of dollars for braces.

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          • I got told me story is not so awesome because the main character is one to be hated and all bad things happen to him, apparently a reader has to fall in love or at very least feel sorry to the main character not hate him.

            Most of my prison stories come from the guards but they are equally as interesting and sickening.

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  1. good luck in either direction. moving for the S.O.’s job can be difficult — I know from experience, lol.

    will your potential jobs be something you can each tolerate doing long-term? or is it “just for the money”, as some might say?

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    • it’s a “stepping stone” type thing. I mean, if he gets the promotion, it will be in his degree field (public administration) and would be, essentially, in his career path. If he gets the promotion, he’s going to recommend me for his current job, which is in my degree field; he works for the county court systems.

      ‘Cause right now I’ve got a degree in Criminology working in health care. lol

      So if it works out (god I hope) I’ll be in my “field” advancing my career in what I actually went to college for, he’ll be in his “field”, and we’d be advancing our relationship.

      Also, the cost of living there is less — I went looking at houses/apartments to rent (because I refuse to live in his old rickety wooden family property house that has horrible plumbing, sulfur water, allergens, spiders, outdated everything).

      I found a nice 3/2 house there (not in the ghetto), with a sizable back yard, for $800/ month, when a 3/2 house, with back yard) here would be $1200-1500 per month.


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