The Urge to Not Monday


Blah, blah. Good morning. Groan, creak.

I woke up feeling kind of hung over… whilst not drinking a drop.

So, Indian food I had yesterday DID NOT like me.

I spent last night in the bathroom until about 1 am.

So much nope.

I was up at 7am and made it to work.

Now I just feel like ass and death. Deathy ass? The ass of Death.


I did have a pretty good weekend, though.

S.O. and I worked our shit out, which was nice.

Went to see the new Alien movie — which was pretty awesome. I loved the throw backs to the original Alien, especially the music. The first score played is the intro to the original Alien. I squeed and had a nerdgasm.

But there were some, “you’re so dumb moments.”


Like setting down on an alien planet and going outside without helmets. Seriously, you don’t know what’s out there. Yeah, scanners show oxygen, but there could be allergens, or a horrible biological weapon that will impregnate you with nightmare fuel.

Also, if they did a better job scanning they would have found some other spoilery shit.

Guess they had to move the plot along some how.

But other than that it’s pretty solid.

I had some really awesome things to write about today… but I can’t make cohesive thoughts happen.

And I forgot coffee.


Sorry guys, this is what you get today.



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