The Tubing Adventure and Besty’s Perpetuals fights with Motorhead


We went tubing today. And I got wayyyyy drunker than I should have. Still really not sober. Β At all.

On our way home and Besty is fighting with Motorhead. Which is like a constant thing.

Really need to put some food in me.

Update: well that was embarrassing.



12 thoughts on “The Tubing Adventure and Besty’s Perpetuals fights with Motorhead

      • And if I was there you’d get nothing of the sort. I’d take the handle off the bathroom door so you couldn’t get in there and then every time you closed your eyes I’d shake you awake….but I am a real bastard when it comes to people who have drunk too much πŸ™‚

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        • Its okay. I’d deserve it.

          I accidently called my friend Bob fat and joked that he had bitch tits. But he still has both his testicles

          Not in those words, exactly. I said I lost 35lbs and he said I just gave it to him and I took the joke wayyyy too far. Then I profusely and obnoxiously apologized.

          Like over 100 times.

          Then Besty and Motorhead got into a spat because Motorhead woudnt wait for her when she was lagging behind after stopping to help som folks stopped on a log. And she scraped her foot on a rock. Pretty. Badly.

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          • Sorry, just saw this.

            Damn. Well that sucks.

            Also, Bob is gay…. So I don’t know how that would work.

            Well, I still feel like emotional and physical ass. I applied sunblock three times and still got sunburnt, especially on my toes and right foot which is kind of random.

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          • And here I was thinking you were ignoring me πŸ˜›

            Same sex couples still have a husband and wife hierarchy I’m told πŸ˜›

            Sunburnt feet is no laughing matter, my dad got 3rd degree burns on his feet, could barely walk for 3 weeks, then a few years later I did the same thing but not as bad.

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          • I promise I wasn’t. Polterphone, plus I spent most of yesterday reading and napping.

            I might have had too much fun in the sun.

            But yeah, having sunburnt feet is no joke. S.O. Got it on his legs, forearms, and belly.

            And we applied sunblock on three different occasions.

            But the river was nice and we had a lot of fun… when I wasn’t calling my friend fat and Besty wasn’t having a spat with Motorhead.

            It’s like every time she drinks and they’re with people they have a spat. And yes, he was in the wrong (long story) but she kept on him and was making passive aggressive snide comments the rest of the day, making everyone else feel uncomfortable.


          • I thought you might have spent the day recovering πŸ™‚

            As a kid, before all the warnings were around, we used to get burnt every summer but burning feet, even for someone like me that goes barefoot whenever I can, is the worse sunburn I have ever felt.

            Don’t worry I’m sure friends have to forgive you for drunk talk, I think that’s the way it works.

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          • Agreed.

            My mom would always rub us down with sunscreen, but we’d still get burnt.

            My mom was also a child of the 70’s and 80’s — she is a tanning guru. Now she’s got lots of moles and spots from sun damage.

            I can even tell just from driving how the skin on my left side (face, shoulder, and neck) has more sun damage.


          • Being on the water makes burns worse, the sun off the water and wind burn is always worse than the sun alone.

            We kind of knew the dangerous of too much sun but the push for sun screen wasn’t pushed that much at the time. I think we all looked forward to summer to see who could peel the most πŸ™‚

            You need to come down here, down here driver’s tan is the right arm πŸ™‚

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