The Defense of Ivanka Trump and her Champagne Popsicles


Evidently I have to put a disclaimer on this so the crazies don’t come out of the wood work and start calling me names and throwing vegetables at me, calling my employers trying to get me fired, coming to my house, stalking my cats, doxing… you know how crazies are. Evidently SJW’s love getting people fired, killing businesses, and ruining other folks’ lives because they can’t control their emotions over what they see on the internet.

One favorite tactic that SJWs use to quash all opposition is doxxing – they will publish the personal information (real name, job, phone number, address, and so forth) of anyone that they deem to have committed an act of thoughtcrime, then they will usually encourage people to commit acts of violence against that person in real life and will do their best to have that person fired from wherever they work at. One individual who has personally experienced a wave of harassment and doxxing from legions of feral SJWs is a popular right-wing Tumblr blogger who goes by the screen name of Communismkills. I spoke to Communismkills about her experiences with SJWs. This article should not be seen as an endorsement of anything that Communismkills says. Rather, it exists simply to provide an example of just how nasty, vile, and hateful the online “social justice” crusade truly is.

Sweetie, just click the X at the top right hand corner of the screen and be done with it.

But I digress — I could write a whole post about the odiousness of SJW culture and Orwellian Thought Crime.

No, I didn’t vote for Trump. And I didn’t vote for Clinton either. I support the man because he’s president, and I really don’t want to wish the man ill because that’s akin to shooting oneself in the foot.

But there seems to be this insane witch hunt out for Ivanka Trump.

Like taking an unpaid position within the White House. 

Or publishing a book and having automatic negative reviews. 

What she wears.

How she interacts with her children. 

I could go on. Seriously.

But goddamn champagne popsicles.

I spent Memorial Day hung over. Others spent it BBQ, drinking, beach, lake, swimming and other summer festivities.

And she’s getting criticized.

If it were a post on pinterest, it would be a new and exciting thing to try!

But Ivanka Trump posted a recipe for an alcoholic Popsicle and everyone loses their goddamned minds.















And the same people offering their $.02 on her post were probably doing this:







Or this:


I’m not going to pull a Chris Crocker “leave Brittany alone” thing… but Jesus — this is getting stupid.

This woman could find a cure for cancer and these “news” media outlets would twist it around and people would get outraged about it.

Some folks have wayyyyy too much time on their hands.



9 thoughts on “The Defense of Ivanka Trump and her Champagne Popsicles

  1. I remember an article, about… seven years ago, I think, that pointed out these fake “news” articles and “internet outrage” headlines. Some woman, I forget her name, tweeted about the name of a nail polish. Just tweeted it to her friends, and they said something. Some news agency somewhere got a hold of that tweet with the headline “People outraged over insensitive nail polish name” or something to that effect and the “story” took off from there. Well, you can guess what happened to the poor woman’s twitter. But it flamed and died… the kicker? In an interview for the article I read, she said she was never “outraged” to begin with. It was more of a, “really?” moment that she wanted to share with her friends.

    As for Ms. Trump, I have no opinion about her or her champagne popsicles. At this point, she’s basically “that bitch eating crackers” to most people and nothing you do or say will fix that.

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    • Agreed. Like I said, she could find a cure for cancer tomorrow, be crucified for our sins, or even serve in a soup kitchen — but she will always be “that bitch eating crackers”.

      It’s astounding what people will find offense in. Usually if I write about something offensive or people might perceive as offensive, I’ll put an “unpopular opinion warning” on the post, but usually I frame things with common sense and rationality.

      So far, I haven’t gotten any shit, but that doesn’t mean I’m not prepared.


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