The Keto Diaries — Bathing Suit Shopping


I was going to combine this with my previous “The Keto Diaries” entry, but that one was about food and this one is about clothes.

In my mind it was apples and oranges.


Funnily enough, I don’t own any full length mirrors. I was at Besty and Motorhead’s getting ready, and I caught a glimpse of my full form in the mirror, in my bathing suit, and DAMN! I’ve lost some weight. I looked good.

So, this weekend I found out my bathing suit doesn’t fit when I got in the water.

I had mad saggy butt and had to keep… er… adjusting it… up top… And the water kept pulling it down because I didn’t have enough tension and stretchy factor to hold it up.

The idea of bathing suit shopping is daunting and anxiety inducing… mostly because of the price tag. Because I’m still plus sized, the costs of a decent plus sized bathing suit is twice to three times as high as for a normal person bathing suit.

Also, they are all butt ugly.

And just shopping for bathing suits is awkward in general because of the whole trying on thing,


On my FB Keto Support Group, one girl had posted a Transformation Tuesday picture and the after picture was a bathing suit selfie and her bathing suit was soooo adorable.

Where did she get it?


So, I went to peruse Amazon and HOLY CRAP!

I’m in heaven.

I’m always tetchy about ordering clothing items online, but the sellers have really awesome sizing charts.

And instead of being $50-$90, they are all under $30.


I’m probably not going to get all four. But I love them all.

I’ll probably get the two one pieces.

I don’t know if I’m daring enough for the two pieces, even though they are high waisted. Maybe the polka dot one because I like the retro look and it looks like it offers… support…

Also, I have a mad hankering for beach time.



9 thoughts on “The Keto Diaries — Bathing Suit Shopping

  1. Sometimes when I reply to things they don’t show up and I don’t want to write them again because I have a fear that they show up somewhere and I’m just sending the same thing multiple times. I just wanted you to know that you have great taste in swimsuits. I hope this comes through.

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