“The Day the Earth Stood Stupid”


Maybe this is an INTP thing, or a hormonal thing, or an actual thing. Overall, it just defies logic and rationality.

But I seriously feel like Fry in the Futurama episode “The Day the Earth Stood Stupid”

Wiki synopsis for those who haven’t seen the episode 100 times, like I have:

Leela is entering Nibbler in a pet show on Earth. After hearing that the top prize is $500 and a year’s supply of dog food, Bender and Zoidberg also enter. After a series of tests, the Hypnotoad wins by hypnotizing the judges. Nibbler is crowned the “dumbest pet in show” while Bender and Zoidberg the “whooping terrier” win second prize, much to Bender’s disappointment.

Later, the Planet Express staff discusses an ominous trail of destroyed planets leading toward Earth. Nibbler begins gibbering excitedly and runs away. Tracking Nibbler to an alley, Leela is attacked by giant floating brains. Leela is rescued by Nibbler, who has donned a uniform and is piloting a tiny flying saucer. Nibbler and Leela fly away from Earth.

The next day, brains start sending blue beams at buildings, and Fry discovers that all the citizens of New New York have been rendered stupid, except himself. Meanwhile, Nibbler explains to Leela telepathically that he is a Nibblonian ambassador sent to observe humans in secret. They travel to the planet Eternium, at the exact center of the universe. There, in the Hall of Forever, a Nibblonian council tells Leela of the threat of the Brainspawn, the giant brains that have invaded Earth and are attempting to wipe out all thought in the universe. While the Nibblonians have been fighting them since the beginning of the universe, they are powerless against the Brainspawns’ powers of stupidity. Fry is the only being in the universe immune to the Brainspawns’ mental attack, and is the only one capable of combating them and their leader. They explain to her that once she re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere, she will become too dumb to remember, so they write the information on a note and pin it to her clothing.

Leela arrives on Earth to tell Fry of his mission, but he takes the note, blows his nose on it, and throws it into a burning fireplace. Leela has retained just enough of her intelligence to remember the Nibblonians’ message. Fry seeks the leader of the brains at the New New York Public Library, reasoning that a leader of big brains would be a big nerd and would go to a library. Fry discovers that thinking hurts the brains, but the brain leader traps Fry and Leela in a mental realm based on Moby-Dick. Fry and Leela pursue the giant brain through The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and gain help from Captain Ahab, Queequeg, and Tom Sawyer, and into Pride and Prejudice. Fry breaks free of the illusion, and quickly writes a story in which he is crushed to death by a bookcase, one riddled with “plot holes and spelling errors”. In accordance with the story, the giant brain announces it is leaving Earth “for no raisin” (Fry’s misspelling of “reason”), and the people of Earth regain their intelligence. Other than the Nibblonians, Fry is the only other one to have any recollection of the event, and no one believes his story. Nibbler returns to his undercover position observing Earth as Leela’s adorable pet.

I mean, I’m obviously more intelligent than Fry, but I feel like too many people are showing their crazy/stupid and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s an epidemic or something.

Like everyone obsessing over Trump’s typo.

Typical disclaimer — didn’t vote for him.

It’s sad I have to do this in almost every one of my political posts.

I’ve made typos, you’ve made typos. We’ve all made typos. We’re not perfect. But this is getting really fucking old.






Guys… you’re bludgeoning the dead equine. One of my FB friends posted eight times about this. Literally eight different posts mocking the typo.

Do you not have anything better to do with your time. Seriously… in that time where you typed something out with your thumbs, drank your latte, took a selfie, and uploaded the post, you could have went and did something actually good for your community. Instead of bitching go serve in a soup kitchen, clean up your streets, tutor a student… something else instead of being mired in negative bullshit. Do something positive.

Then goddamn Kathy Griffin and her shenanigans.

What did she think was going to happen?

Then the gall to say she’s a victim of Trump’s bullying.


… too dumb to live. Seriously.



4 thoughts on ““The Day the Earth Stood Stupid”

  1. To be honest, I seriously didn’t know what covefefe or whatever was for days although I saw it everywhere. Typical internet. But it, like everything else, is a flash in the pan. Flames bright then it’s gone. Gone like it never existed.

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  2. *Typical disclaimer — didn’t vote for him.*

    I don’t think you need the disclaimer. I know I don’t speak for everyone but I don’t give a stale roo’s turd whether you voted for the guy or not. Who you voted for doesn’t change how I read your posts and I’ll still pat you on the head and say “there, there, things will be ok.” when you’re not feeling well.

    Typical disclaimer – I’m just waffling.

    The other thing is I agree with you, (I seem to do that a lot). Even on the other side of the world all we heard about was that bloody typo and that stupid comedian. Now they are telling us the woman broke down during a press conference. A press conference she called herself to address the situation that what she did was pure fucking stupid and that it’s all someone elses fault. But you know what was missing from the press conference? Tears. Oh she acted like she was upset, she acted like she was crying but there wasn’t a tear running down that spac filled face.

    Oh and for the record, you need better FB friends 😛

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