The Sickly Girl

Still under the weather, guys.

I have some stupid sinus crud and I’m going to the doctor on Friday about it. Probably going to get some antibiotics, flonase, and told to huff on my albuterol inhaler more.

Mostly it’s these god-awful sinus headaches.

I left work on Monday and immediately when I got home, my head was pounding and I yakked up my coffee.

Yesterday, my head was pounding I couldn’t focus or like… type…. coherent words.

I left after being at work an hour.

My head is still pounding but no work = no money.

So I’m just going to be here and miserable. And make money.

So, going to the doctor on Friday.

Actually one of my hesitations on moving back to Valdosta is that a) I love my doctor and b) I love my health insurance.

The idea of having to reestablish my medical home and records transfers and dealing with new insurance makes me die a little inside.

Honestly, that is my singular hesitation on moving back. There is better medical care here. Better hospitals, better specialists, better primary doctors.

Also another funny. Because it cheers me up.


It makes me not feel like yakking up my coffee.




13 thoughts on “The Sickly Girl

  1. Being sick is the pits!!!! Funny that a certain job keeps people there because the benefits are good. Sinus headaches suck rocks so bad but I love that picture, that’s funny. Hey, get better…..drink tea, not coffee. It looks better coming up. ;o)

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    • True story.

      I’m stuck in that weird rock and hard place — I’m considered “temp” which means I get health insurance, but not PTO.

      I’ve been living off of mint tea for the past few days. It’s very calming for my stomach.

      I don’t think it’s a stomach bug, I just thing my sinus headache turns into a migraine and migraines in general make me nauseated.

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      • Ugh, the “temp” zone huh? Benefits without the benefits of benefits.🙂. Do you still get full time hours?

        Mint tea….ahhh….refreshing! That’s the right step. That and Laura Croft.

        So it’s not the flu, huh? That’s good. Migraines are the worst, they’re like earthquakes in your head, I used to think a cold wash rag across the forehead was the remedy but I found out that was a myth.🤒

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        • Still get full time hours, but if I miss time I have to make it up. Which means putting in 10-11 hours today. I’ve literally been here since 7am EST. And I’m going to try to be here until 6:30.

          My migraine ritual usually involves 800 mg tylenol, 4 benadryl, an ice pack, and a dark room. The plan is to sleep off the migraine with an ice pack and avoiding all light, noise, and smell.

          Like right now, someone has some food in here and the smell makes me wanna yack… which is why I haven’t eaten my lunch yet.

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