The Keto Diaries — Same Five Damn Pounds


Good morning, fine folks.

Still kind of sickly. Going to the doctor tomorrow and getting some feel-better meds.

But I figured I’d do a keto update.

I’ve been going strong for 10 days now, after my two week break, and finally had the courage to weigh in. I have lost one pound since I weighed in at my doctor’s office on 5/12. Which isn’t bad considering I was, well… bad, for two weeks.

But then I stepped on the scale this morning, and I gained four pounds over night.

Alas, I think this is a woman thing.

Different parts of the day, your weight will vary and fluctuate depending on food and fluid intake, and output.

But I feel like I just keep losing and gaining the same damn five pounds.

I will keep on keeping on.

Last night I wanted super simple, so I chopped up an avocado and a roma tomato, drizzled with lemon juice, salt/pepper, and threw in some green olives.

It was so yummy.

Today’s menu consists of Bullet Proof Coffee and two avocados (they are ripe and need to be eaten before they go bad)…. then when I get home I’ll figure out dinner. I have some boneless, skinless chicken thighs, spinach, and bacon in the freezer. I’m thinking spinach stuffed cheesy bacon wrapped chicken thighs.

Oh yeah!



14 thoughts on “The Keto Diaries — Same Five Damn Pounds

      • Damn I was going break out in song and do a bit of Motley Crue for you!

        I used to get my pain meds on a script and I’d get 2 packets for less than the price of one because they were old people drugs and we used to look after our old people (keep them drugged) but the current government dropped it from the PBS and now its back to full price

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          • Our health insurance works differently here but we also have a reasonably good public system that does allow lots of important drugs to be gotten cheaper. But one downside is that when the government wants to make budget savings the look for things to dump from the pubic system.

            There is lots of cancer drugs and asthma drugs etc on the list which will always be discounted but the Osteo pain killers I have to take because they are the only powerful pain killers (other than morphine which I could get if I wanted to) I can take are not considered important enough for the government to subsidise

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          • Nah taking old people meds off the PBS is purely to save them money on the budget. There is a lot of other drugs they could remove for safety reasons and do. They aren’t game to touch cancer meds, or asthma med etc because that costs lives. But pain meds or those which really aren’t life dependant are easy game because it can save them so much.

            Essentially what the current government did was say they wanted to make everyone who went to any medical appointment pay an extra $5, which if they had just said was going to happen to GP visits might have got over the line but when people realised it was $5 to see the GP, $5 to take three steps into pathology, $5 to come back and get the results, $5 for Xrays, and even $5 to get a repeat script people quickly worked out one GP visit could easily cost them $50 on top of what they were already paying depending on how many other services it required and they stood up and argued. The government had no choice to back down but because they budgeted for the increase before it was approved the money had to come from somewhere so a bunch of drugs they subsidise get dropped from the PBS, and they try to sell off what medical departments they can to make the shortfall in a budget that shouldn’t have used the figures in the first place.

            Older people who need the Osteo meds can find their way around it because our system can’t refuse medical care. Even someone like me who is not in the age bracket that is considered ‘in need’ of Osteo pain killers as a necessity can get around it and cost the government even more. I chose not to but I’m sure there is plenty out there who have seen the way and do it as their way to screw a government they think screwed them.

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  1. Gotta love insurance and the whole 90 day supply deal, bet that comes in handy. Off to see Doctor “Everything will be alright” ;o) If you’re getting antibiotics, it must be viral…..feel like a computer huh? Get better soon and for the record, I am eating “peanut butter and jealousy” sandwiches over what you’re cooking for dinner…..sounds yummy! ;o) (My play on words)

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    • lol. You should try it. Super easy. My plan is to mix up some thawed spinach and shredded “whatever kind of cheese I have in the fridge”. The thighs are already skinned and boned, so they’re kind of flat-ish. Just stuff it in there, then roll in bacon and secure in tooth picks. I’m probably going to bake at 350 for about half an hour.

      People act like cooking something awesome is hard… but it’s not. Unless you’re my S.O. and all you eat is bachelor chow. Then actually cooking is hard lol.

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    • I’m pretty stoked about it.

      I’m really stoked about those avocados. I’ve had them in the fridge for two weeks, and pulled them out three days ago and they just FINALLY got ripe. I like them with salt and pepper, straight out of the skin/husk/thing….


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