The Hair Cut Adventure

Good afternoon, fine folks!

I’ve been trying to grow out my pixie cut.

Like real hard I’ve been avoiding the salon like it’s on fire. But my ends are kind of crispy feeling and my hair needs to be thinned before the heat of Florida summer kicks in and I get really desperate and shave the whole damn thing off.

But dammit!

It is driving me crazy!

One side, I love. It is perfect all the time. It is on the side of my head where the bulk of my hair is.

It’s glorious and curly and perfect.

Except for the very front. My hair has a completely different texture at the front.

Everything but the very front has Keri Russel curls — back when she wore her hair curly.

download (1)


The front of my head has much tighter — It has more of a Samuel L. Jackson circa Pulp Fiction Jheri Curl feel to it


And what’s super weird is that as the hair grows out, the first three inches have the Sam Jackson Jheri Curl, then the curls loosen to the Keri Russel curl.

So yeah, my hair is growing out and it’s driving me crazy.

It doesn’t help that it’s been like 100000000% humidity outside.

Yay Florida!


My hair is chin length now. Though, you can’t tell because it curls up.

So, I’m thinking of going asymmetrical and keeping it chin length on the good side aka the side of my part where most of my hair is, then taking it super short on the other side. Like #8 clippers.

Then kind of gradient it back in to where it is still chin length on one side.

In my head it’s going to look something like this:


But just a bit longer on the “longer side”…. like 2-3 inches longer.

I’m going to go this afternoon when I get off and get it done.

You’ll either hear it’s the best thing ever or the worst thing ever.

But I mean, I’ve kind of done it before:


But shorter on the short side and longer on the long side… if that makes sense.


Will let you guys know!



30 thoughts on “The Hair Cut Adventure

    • Agreed. Especially expensive ones. I got a shampoo and cut for $20 plus tip. I can’t understand people who spend hundreds of dollars on their hair… at the salon….

      As I typed that I realized I did — but I have curly hair and without product it is unmanageable.

      If the zombie apocalypse or nuclear war happens (and I survive), I’m shaving my head.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, cuts and shampoos are pricey and then you’re obligated to tip, it’s almost like you have to take out a loan. I look good bald, and it’s free cause I do it myself so bring on the zombies!😉
        It’s tough for women I bet, they take so much pride in their hair. Men, we just shake and wake.

        Liked by 1 person

    • It did. I just realized I haven’t taken a picture of it… well posted a picture of it here…

      It’s taken a while to learn to love my curls. Although, I do wish I had straight hair… or just hair that was all one texture. My hair is way curlier where my “bangs” are than the rest of my head, which makes managing it a pain.

      Thanks again!


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