The Weirdly Creative Days

Good morning, fine folks!

This weekend was strangely productive, yet unproductive.

I didn’t do as much house cleaning as I normally do. I swept up my tumble weeds of cat hair, did dishes, and laundry… but I fully wanted to wipe down my baseboards this weekend, and it didn’t happen.

But I did engage in some creative projects.

… And played a lot of video games. I’ve really been trying to get into Dishonored, but it doesn’t seem to want to happen. Also, S.O. got my xbox one working without internet, so I was finally able to play Rise of the Tomb Raider — it was amazing and beautiful and I loved every second of it.

But I digress….

I had to tear out the afghan I was working on because the pattern wasn’t working out for me and I’m trying something different.


Nine skeins for $25 at Hobby Lobby.

So, these are the colors I’m working with. It’s primarily going to be the dark blue and teal with the shades of gray throughout. I haven’t taken any pictures of it yet.

I also reupholstered one of my bar stools. I got some really nice bar stools that swivel. The tops are pleather.

As some of you cat owners know: Pleather + Cats = bad juju.

When I moved into my new place, I didn’t have a bar, so I converted my bar stools into end tables:


Vesper has her high-beams on.

There’s one in the far corner. Note: the wall art was originally these really 80’s posters my aunt had given me. I discarded the posters and wrapped the cardboard support in fabric from Hobby Lobby.

When I finish using my bar stools as tables, or even before, I’m going to take the plywood tops, and paint a mural on them. Haven’t decide what kind of mural, but that’s the plan.

I’m trying to keep my living room in shades of blue, teal, gray, brown, cream, and gold.

I made my wall collage from different bits of odds and ends I have. The blow gun is from Peru that some missionary friends got for me for house sitting while they were away. The dream catcher I’ve had forever The empty picture frames I had since I was a child. The hat is from New Orleans. I painted the canvasses myself. Also, a silver spoon, though tarnished.


Forgive quality — took picture at night.Β 

But speaking of reupholstering — I love reupholstering, especially with upholstery nails. It gives it a vintage, well put together look. Like someone spent time on it instead of just using a staple gun.

When I reupholstered my bar stool, I went to pull the pleather off, and it was stuck on with a bazillion staples.

So I just wrapped the fabric over it.

It’s left over from the wall art project above, so it kind of matches the motif I have going on.

I’ve often done little projects from dumpster diving. One time, I fished out a table and two chairs. I sanded it down and restained it.

But I didn’t get a picture of the finished product before I sold it.

I do have a picture of the fabric I reupholstered the chair seats with:


Used duck cloth.

I did have a project I did that was a Pinterest win. I did a magnetic makeup board, which saves me tons of space in my bathroom, considering I have a super small counter.


I’d keep my more expensive make up products on the counter. I haven’t had anything fall and break (not much of a distance to fall), but you never know.

I took this picture when I first did this project in my old apartment, since then my counter space has shrunk drastically.

Also, I own way more lipstick and lip products now….

I may have a problem.

Like too much….

Which sucks because I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup because my rosacea has been flared up and I don’t want to exacerbate it.

But now that it’s cleared up, my lipstick game is fierce.



17 thoughts on “The Weirdly Creative Days

  1. All these new games and gaming consoles, sheesh the kids today want everything. I spent Sunday night playing Lemmings πŸ˜›

    I like the artists wall, no idea what all that shit is on the walk but it must be really handy having all the paint brushes in one spot.

    Liked by 1 person

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