The Allergist Adventures — Part 2… And Other Stuff


Everything itches. So much.

Not cool.

This marks four days without allergy medicine. My head feels like it’s going to explode, my skin itches everywhere.

I know this is trite and cliche, but I think I’m allergic to work. More specifically, the building I work in.

Every time I walk in, everything just gets clogged up, my head starts hurting, and my arms and legs itch.

It’s weird.

Six more days without allergy medicine — then I get to see the allergist and they will put their big brains together and figure out what I’m allergic to.

This better be worth it.

I talked with my Daddy-O last night. He’s going to be extra kind and throw some money in my checking account so I can eat… and pay my copays… and have gas for my car.

Also my Nana had my phone turned back on.

My family, despite everything, has some awesome moments.

And now S.O. is on my dad’s shit list for not helping.

“I wish you’d told me earlier you were tight on cash”

Sorry dad, but I’m trying to be independent.

“S.O. should really help you out. It’s kind of his job.”


“You make it too easy for him.”

I concur.

Dad wants me to move to Deland to be closer to them. I’m beginning to wonder if I should. I did apply for a state job down that way — perfectly qualified for, and I’d be making more money than I do now.

I checked the rental situation there and it’s pretty scant. I don’t want anything over $750, but I might have to make some sacrifices.


Now, if my head would stop pounding, like it has been for the last four days, that would be super awesome.

Also, followers in FL — Publix has huge containers of blueberries 2 for $5.

Do it!



21 thoughts on “The Allergist Adventures — Part 2… And Other Stuff

  1. There’s a whole pile of jack shit you can do about it but you could be allergic to your office, (or just a whinger 😛 ). Air conditioning units are terrible for some allergy sufferers. I know I suffer a lot more in office blocks and big buildings with alot of people than I do in wider open plan building with the same A/C units.I can handle our home A/C unit no problems by when I used to do corporate work even going on site for an hour I could feel a difference between two buildings. Of course if you don’t like being there in general your brain is probably helping you feel like crap for being there.

    I moved back closer to my family after living more than 12 hours away, it took me three moves by I eventually got back and I regret every minute of it!! No that’s not true, I had the foresight to move to the other side of town, it’s only five minutes drive but unlike my brother who lives less than a minute away from them I am still far enough away to not see my parents for a week without worry. Living close doesn’t have to mean living in each others pockets.

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