The Sell Out Girl


Good evening, fine folks!

I just wanted to talk about how awesome my followers are, how good they have been to me and how I feel like WordPress has really helped on this journey with the kindness and support of all the wonderful people who follow my writing and regularly contribute.

You are awesome and have all my love and respect.

Having said that, my loves, I’m a bit broke.

And I decided to sell out.

So, if you love what I write and you want to see more, visit my Patreon. I’m offering some pretty awesome incentives including voting on what I’m writing next, having your name in gold, on my site… as a shout out for being awesome and amazing, and something I’m actually pretty excited about — guest contributors.

So head on over there and bask in the glory of me selling out.


I never wanted to monetize — the idea of crowding my page with ads seemed tacky, writing sponsored posts wasn’t working out with my site, and finally I was just kind of like, to hell with it. I’ll do Patreon.

Please don’t pelt me with too many vegetables.



16 thoughts on “The Sell Out Girl

    • It Is a platform which helps creators get paid for their works. Essentially, you can get paid for your website by your followers (voluntarily) without gunking up your page with ads or selling your soul with sponsored posts.

      Some have more exclusive things — you have to pay to see X, Y, Z. But I didn’t want to do that because my life isn’t that exciting lol. I use incentives, like shout outs, voting on topics, and guest posts.

      In my mind, its a tool where if someone really likes what I writes and feels Its worthy of monetary compensation, they have the option to throw money at me. Its used a lot with youtube creaters who don’t want their videos filled with ads or want to make more than ads generate.

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