The Allergist Adventures — Just Going to Freeze Myself During Spring and Wrap Everything in Plastic

Good afternoon, fine folks!

I went to see the allergist this morning.

Good news, I don’t has asthma, even though I’m pretty sure I flunked one of the breathing tests because they made me do it like 5 times.

Bad news — I’m freakishly allergic to the outside.

Mostly trees — Oak, Birch, Pecan, Hackberry, Bayberry…

Scored a +4 on birch, the rest +3 or above.

I am also freakishly allergic to dust mites.

You know, those bugs you can’t see that eat dust….


And finally, I’m very slightly allergic to my cats… like a +1.

Before the test, my allergist had asked me eight hundred million questions and I swear I could have seen his eye twitched when I said that I let them sleep with me.

Hell, when I left, Vesper was still asleep in my bed.


Right after I got my wisdom teeth out last year. They could tell I wasn’t feeling well.

But I told my allergist that I love them more than people so I’m not giving them up.

So, the plan is to become a complete recluse in the spring or load up on a fuck ton of benadryl before going outside…

And wrapping everything in plastic.

Cats included.

I’m going to have to invest in bedding covers. Because shelling out $200 for that stuff opposed to buying a whole new bed seems reasonable.

What makes me absolutely happy is that I can finally start taking my allergy medicine again, but I have to use flonase every day for the rest of my life.

Par for the course.

Thanks Hashimoto’s.


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18 thoughts on “The Allergist Adventures — Just Going to Freeze Myself During Spring and Wrap Everything in Plastic

  1. I’m allergic to my furbabies too (3 dogs, one cat), but I ain’t giving them up either because they keep me sane. And I’d rather be sane. 🙂 My freakishly allergic thing is juniper trees. I’m highly allergic to it. I have the numbers somewhere… Hold on, it’s in my other blog…
    The high numbers: ^_^
    juniper 44.40
    dog dander 20.10
    derm. pter. 13.20 (dust mite)
    cat dander 9.10
    derm farinae 7.60 (dust mite)

    Everything else… I’m slightly allergic to it. And I can’t take allergy meds. Blah. Nearly every allergist and doctor I’ve been to has told me to get rid of my pets, and I’ve told them to stick that advise up their ass. We moved from New Mexico to here though because New Mexico has an extremely high population of juniper bushes — they’re resistant to drought. It helped a little.

    Some advice? Don’t bother with the plastic stuff. Your cats are gonna shed dander no matter what. Buy a cover for your pillow and that will help. But everything else (I’ve found) is just a waste of money. My own, personal, opinion.


    • Understand. Dust mites scored really, really high and I’m pretty sure my office is just full of them, So I’m going to get the covers for the sake of the dust mites. The pet dander doesn’t bother me. I am only slightly allergic. But oak pollen, pecan and birch… whoo. I live in Florida. Everyone things Florida is filled with palm trees. Nope. Oak trees. Everywhere.


      • Yep, I’ve lived in Florida before… about three different times. All kinds of trees everywhere. I kinda miss Spanish Moss too… But not Palmetto bugs. I had a love/hate relationship with Florida, but hate won out, and I’ll never live there again.

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          • You don’t have to go to Wyoming for snow. Virginia Beach got snow nearly every year i lived there. Not a whole lot of snow, mind you, but some. Asheville, NC was good for four seasons if you’re not wanting extremes either way. Wyoming and Montana are extreme cold.

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    • I’m not too terribly upset… allergy meds do work for me. The only thing that concernes me are the dust mites. I have to but covers for my mattress, box springs, and pillows. I already wash my pillows In hot water and bleach once a month, bit you can’t exactly do that to your mattress. I also have them In my office (where symptoms get pretty gnarley). I might need to take my lovely dyson vacuum I inherited and go to town. People In my unit already think I’m crazy with how I clean my office like once a week — not so much at home. Hello, cat hair tumbleweeds.


  2. See I reckon you should move down here, your allergies probably wouldn’t be better or worse, although I could find an allergist that says whatever you want to hear, but it would be funnier to see you go through this in person than over the internet.

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  3. I was reading through your experience visiting an allergist and I have been through the same experience, so I feel your pain! I used to not be functional without Claritin and had the worst seasonal allergies that would lead to frequent sinus infections. When I went in for allergy testing, I was allergic to everything they tested which was surprising because I thought it was just cats and some pollen. Come to find I was also allergic to dust mites, dogs, feathers, tree pollen, mold, plantains, and a slew of other things! I’ve had dogs my whole life and they never caused me much of an issue- you’re probably fine with your cats if it never bothered you too much.

    Did your allergist discuss the possibility of getting allergy shots? They help desensitize you to the allergens you reacted to. I’ve been getting them for the past few years and I no longer take Claritin daily and am to the point where I only get shots every other week. It lets me go about my day to day without worrying about getting sick or taking medications. I used to react to cats by getting an itchy throat, swollen eyes, and difficulty breathing, but last year I had a roommate with a cat and I had absolutely no issues. It was awesome to see the progress. Good luck going forward- allergies are tough!

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    • Thanks for the reply!

      We did discuss allergy shots, and he was very adamant that it is a commitment. Because I don’t know what’s going on with my life for the next 10 months and the possibility of moving to a different state, or across the state, I didn’t want to start and flake out on it.

      Sorry to hear you are allergic to all that. They didn’t do any food allergy testing — I get gut problems from horse radish and fake Mexican food (Moes/Barbaridos), but I guess they didn’t think that warranted food allergy testing.

      My problems are mostly sinus related anyways.

      I am taking other steps to minimize effects at home — I just got a mattress cover and come next pay check, I’m going to get one for my box springs. I generally wash/bleach my pillows once a month. My biggest concern in my love seat and couch, because of the dust mites. I need to figure out a way to periodically de-mite my soft furniture. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to make allergenic sofa covers, or that I haven’t found so far.

      As for my cats, I love them so much that I’m willing to tolerate them.

      Comparatively, the wheal on my back for dust mites was 4cm, while the one for cats was 4mm… so I’m willing to deal. Thanks again!

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