The Urge for Flight

Good morning, fine folks!

I have this strange feeling I can’t quite put completely into words.

I just want to get the hell out of here.

And not come back.

Running away when you’re a kid is different than running away when you’re an adult.

And I guess that’s the urge. To just run away.

It feels like a culmination of things — not happy with my work life, my home life, my romantic life… for once my family life is aiight.

But I just don’t want to be here.

I want to be in a place where my contributions are valued, I can actually use my skills and get paid for them. I’m getting really tired of making a living off my ability to talk on the phone.

I’d like to make a living with my skills in data analysis or graphic design or writing.

But I have no magical pieces of paper that say I know anything about anything in those fields.

Can people no longer be self taught?

Being alive seems to require credentials and licensure and barcodes.

Truthfully, the idea of living off the grid in a little tiny house powered by solar and growing my own food on my own plot of land sounds completely amazing.

But to get there requires money. Specifically money I don’t have.

I also feel so tied down by other obligations. I told S.O. if we break up I’m going to Mexico… or going to stay with my family and find a job there.

Just… elsewhere.

With different sights and different people.

Just different.

I want more control over my life and not have everything dictated by the dollar and I don’t want my next move to be in the hands of a person an hour and a half away that doesn’t seem to be putting in the effort.

I want to have more say in my own life.

Having said all that, I’ve started tossing around plans for my grand exodus.


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8 thoughts on “The Urge for Flight

  1. I love that film clip

    I don’t personally know what it’s like over there, only got a few mates to go by, but never overestimate the power of a piece of paper. There is plenty of people in jobs they don’t have a piece of paper for. However never underestimate how much work it takes to be good at two out of the three things you’d like to do.

    I’m not suggesting I’m the be all and end all of writing but it’s bloody difficult getting people to genuinely like your stuff as opposed to WP like your stuff. Likewise after 25 years in graphic design it’s bloody difficult to get by just being a graphic designer, but there is nothing to say you need a piece of paper in either field. I may not be a published writer yet but I have no qualifications in graphic/web design and it’s paid more of my bills than any other job I have had.

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    • I did it throughout high school and undergrad when I had my heart set on being a journalist — but then life happened and I realized the world is full of shit. I really love document design, like newsletters. Part of my program’s grant requirements are to have a newsletter and I got tasked with making it. Although I’m not getting paid any extra, it’s a nice diversion. I was thinking about starting a graphic business or a data business, but I’m always worried others are better than I am and I may fail completely.

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      • Welcome to my world, now you know why I kept going back to trucks. Makes little difference how many good projects I’ve done, how many major corporate deals I scored, one shitty job and I’m back to thinking the world can get fucked and it’s easier to work for someone else. (although that doesn’t work either, I’ve written two stories about my ex bosses that don’t end well.)

        I’d love to sit back and create websites or dvd/cd covers all day but the truth is that’s only a small part of graphic design and it’s the annoying parts I don’t like which take me so little to lose my cool with and I end up cracking the shits and looking for an out.

        I hate dealing with customers, I’d love to have someone just sell the product for me and then let me do the creative side of things, but that ain’t gonna happen

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        • I just really want to work for myself. But I feel like I don’t have the time and energy to really develop and nurture any business ideas. I’m tied to this job that pays my bills. So the idea of moving far away with my laptop and cats and working from home or a beach and not having to worry about my work load being affected by idiot coworkers, idiot bureaucracy, and other idiot things.

          I just don’t like this feeling of being tied down to something I don’t like.

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          • Working for yourself is fine but you need discipline and effort. It’s all unicorn farts and flowers for the first 12 months but then you realise the working aspect of it really isn’t any different. You still have a boss demanding more and better work and you will still disagree with that boss, the only difference is the arguments don’t have to be verbal.

            There is nothing wrong with working for yourself, in this country there is a different set of challenges to over there, either side could be argued good or bad, but there is very few people who run their own business that aren’t ‘tied down’ to something.

            I only ever started working for myself because I hated working for someone else but I quickly worked out you’re always working for someone.


  2. It was easier for me in my day. I could just roll into town, sign up with a dozen temp companies and find work easy as pie. Now temp companies don’t operate the same as they used to — two weeks here, five days there, maybe three months over there… Now it’s all, six months here and eight months there. Still, you might look at them for finding “work right now” if you’re thinking of hitting the road. If you’ve got mad office skills, they’re a good way to find work without doing a lot of heavy lifting.


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