The Weird Funk


I’ve been in this strange funk today where everything just pisses me off and I can’t get out of it.

I’m pretty sure I’m having some sort of anxiety issue right now.

Because life.

I got an invite to go have dinner at Besty and Motorhead’s tonight; she’d just returned from France and wanted to cook me French food. My cheat day of the week I decided.

Later I get this crazy string of messages:


Backstory — Motorhead was to take care of things while she was away for a month frolicking in France.

Guess not.

No French food.

I was looking forward to the company.

And, I’m probably going to hear about it from both ends.


Generally I don’t know what to say during those things, so my “wows” were the only thing I could think of saying….

Probably going to stay at home with my cats… still better company, even if I am slightly allergic.


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3 thoughts on “The Weird Funk

  1. Say nothing, eat all their food, drink all their booze and go home 🙂

    Although I have to say and it will probably be deemed wrong by some ‘experts’. If you don’t want to suffer anxiety then don’t call it life and stop approaching it from the negative aspect. It might still suck but constantly approaching things with a negative outlook is the first step in screwing yourself over.

    I ain’t no hippy, free lifer, put your faith in the planets, dream of stars and sniff daffodils to get through life but I wasn’t always the well balanced, always thoughtful, charming, common sense issuing person I appeared to be now. I’m not into sharing some aspects of my life on websites but what I will say is that what you’re going through isn’t unique, it isn’t even uncommon, how you handle it or don’t handle it might be though. Other people can help, let them!

    Alternatively if you don’t want help Suck It Up Princess!! 😛

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    • Lol. I understand. One thing that kind of irks me is that with so many people crying wolf about mental illness and making it look like an excuse to not do something makes it look bad for people who have legitimate issues…. it makes the lot of us look like whiners and bitchers. Not true. For me, it is a medical thing related to my body eating my thyroid — anxiety and depression is very common with people who have Hashimoto’s. And unlike the whiners and bitchers with their many geneders, random acceptance movement, and self diagnosis, I know I have an anxiety problem and I manage it with medication and try not to inflict it on people or use it as an excuse to misbehave, which I have seen a great deal with the typical SJW tumblerina. I dont like admitting it, but there are things my anxiety makes me do that I don’t like admitting to or that embarass me — there’s also this stigma. Like if I’m having a bad day, my parents ask “are you taking your meds”. And because bad people not only abuse the idea of having an anxiety disorder, they aso abuse the associated treatment medication, I can’t get medication to help when I have legitimate panic attacks — other people have the tendency to sell benzo’s, which is why doctors are super hesitant to prescribe them to people. It makes people with actual mental illness look bad. Same as people who have been sexualy assaulted. People who cry wolf and consider something as simple as a man asking them on a date as sexual assault need to get punched in the ovary. Seriously. I’m pretty sure the SJW movement does a complete disservice to people with acutal issues.

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      • The biggest problem with mental illness is the two different forms of people that pop up when it happens. Those that think it needs special attention and those who demand special attention.
        I wont deny it needs attention but 90% of them don’t need special attention. In too many cases people just drop the words mental illness and give up.

        Oh I’ve got depression, listen to me cry never give me advice

        Oh I’ve got anxiety listen to me cry don’t try to help

        Oh I’m sad I must have depression be nice to me.

        The studies that have been done that show something like 80% of all kids given ADHD meds don’t need them and they are given because either the doctors aren’t diagnosing properly or the parents demand medication because their child ‘has problems’ is not that much different to adult mental illness. Of course it exists and in some cases it needs help but it too many cases the help it needs has to come from the patient and not from a society that would rather medicate than educate.

        It’s not a case of I didn’t need medication so no one does but it is a case of people need to wake up to themselves and realise they are their own worst enemies. The rest of the world might suck but it sucks more because you let it.

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