The Besty’s France Adventures


Besty got back from France on Friday, and her and Motorhead immediately started fighting. 

But I came over and spent some time with her. She really wanted to hang out and make me try all this delicious French food she’d brought back — mostly pate and various cheeses.

She’s gotten me completely addicted to Binging with Babish, which if you haven’t seen, you need to go to Youtube right now and watch. It’s essential food porn.

I tried Foie Gras for the first time. And it doesn’t have that “liver texture” that I had expected.

I’m okay with the taste of liver, I just really, really despise the texture.

The only way I’ve had liver that I liked was when my Nana deep fried chicken liver wrapped in bacon.

But I’m convinced a turd would taste good deep fried and wrapped in bacon.

Not gonna try it though.

But I’m sure it’s a delicacy someplace in the world.

Some of the cheeses were extremely delicious. I’m a huge fan of goat cheese.

There was a pork pate that reminded me of cat food in both smell, and what I’d imagine cat food to taste like.

But I have to say my favorite was this rabbit pate.


Also, Besty and Motorhead stopped fighting.

She had some pretty interesting tales about how this guy stalked her from Paris to Givenchy. Also finding herself on the wrong side of Paris not covered head to toe…

And a seagull stole her baguette on the beach.

So, I have no idea what we’re doing for the holiday tomorrow…

I’m so content to lay around in my jammies and play Tomb Raider.

Mostly because I have $1.83 to my name until Friday, and just a hair under a quarter of a tank of gas.


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