The Creative Boredom Projects

Since I’m not one to continually document my life with selfies and snaps, I rarely photograph things I’m working on — still haven’t taken a “hey I lost 40lbs” selfie.

But, since ya’ll are awesome, I snapped a few pics of things I’m working on or are complete.

First is my reupholstered bar stool that used to be a table, and before that, a bar stool with a pleather cushion my cats would often enjoy sinking their claws into. Hense, the need to be reupholstered.

The aforementioned plywood top is being repainted with a feather mural — I haven’t finished the feather detail, which will be in black, but I’m pretty excited so far.

And this pic made me realize my house is a total mess!

Last is a project I finished long ago — my mom gave me this fan, and being the avid smokers they are, it was a lovely shade of pukey tobacco tar.

So, I got a can of spray paint and some metallic teal and went to town. It now hangs over my fireplace mantle.

And that’s that. I do have two other canvasses I’m working on, but nothing worth calling home about.

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