The Neglectful Blogger


Sorry, guys. I’ve been neglectful.

Mostly it’s because of frustrating work and a mild case of food poisoning/stomach bug.

Work is the same frustrating incompetent/lazy shit heads. This time I’m getting more work because they can’t do their jobs right.

Gotta suck it up, Toots.

I wonder if I can put that on my resume — fixed other folks work because they were lazy/incompetent.

Both Monday and Tuesday, I just came home and kind of crashed. I was in bed by 7:30 both nights.


Wait… is today Wednesday or Thursday?

Thursday. Okay.

So yeah, I crashed early every night this week.

Which means I’ve had Indian food runs for four days now.

I just wish my guts would act right for once.



Besty is doing this music thing and had open mic night. I politely noped on the occasion, stating my horrible diarrhea as the cause.

Not lying.

Also her and Motorhead are still fighting and evidently I’m their relationship guru or something.

Another thing thrust upon me I didn’t ask for.

So, I told both of them — ya’ll need to talk your shit out. Not this bitter back biting nit picking passive aggressive bullshit. Don’t come from a place of anger or bitterness. Come from a place of love. If you can’t work your shit out, move on.

Not rocket science.


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9 thoughts on “The Neglectful Blogger

  1. All I hear is a fake sorry and me, me, me, woe is me.

    When are you going to fix my problems?

    When are you going to listen to me?

    Come on get over yourself and help me.

    I know I’m helpful, you can thank me later
    *pat on the head*

    Liked by 1 person

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