The Death of Chester Bennington



Well, this is a sad one.

Linkin Park was the soundtrack of my high school years. Their music got me through some really rough patches.


Hybrid Theory was the first CD I ever purchased with my own money. I wore the disk out playing it so many times.

When Meteora came out, I loved it too.

Minutes to Midnight got me through my homeless adventure.

So yeah, this hurts a bit.


I can only hope Chester is in a much better place and no longer in pain.


That’s the only thing we can do.


Thoughts and prayers to his family.


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10 thoughts on “The Death of Chester Bennington

  1. I just found out reading your post….I don’t pay attention to anything celebrity related anymore at all and don’t pay enough attention to the news…My hubby found out yesterday at work apparently and failed to tell me. *angry face*

    Just wow….I am a huge Linkin Park fan, their music definitely got me through my teens and was always one of my favorite bands. This is shocking and really sucks.

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  2. A statistic: In Australia since Chris Cornell’s death nearly 500 people have committed suicide due to mental illness.

    Figures will be greater in other countries, yet two people who have written a few songs and played a few notes do it and the internet comes to life.

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      • The message from the lead singer of Korn summed it up perfectly, but then he went and clarified it, to save face.

        To be honest I can understand some of the inhumanity. Every media outlet and news service, many of which wouldn’t ever have mentioned the name Linkin Park did all these sympathetic stories about an entitled rock muso committing suicide yet multiple people do the same thing in their home towns every day and not a word. Then they have the nerve to say making news out of the item is a way of making people talk about the subject. In a week it will be forgotten about and the world will be waiting for another entitled wanker to do the job while real people are still doing the same thing and no one is caring.

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        • Underwtandable. When a celeb does it versus a “normal” person, its not quite the same. Having dealt with a suicide in the family, maybe I have more comapssion and understanding…. because in the scheme of things my cousin was a “nobody”. And you’re right… people do it every day.

          And its tragic… although people commit and attempt sucide every day, it take the suicide of someone famous to shed light on mental illness.

          And I know you typical response to this type of thing is “suck it up”… but mental Illness is heavily stigmatized, and people don’t wanna talk about it…. and a lot of the people who do use It as an excuse to be an asshole which makes it look bad on those who actually do suffer mental Illness… makes them less likely to seek help because of the “cry wolf” parable.

          Like I said…. because I’ve dealt with a family member who committed suicide, due to suffering from both mental and severe physical illness, maybe I have a diffetrnt perspective.

          Pardon typos…. on phone.

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          • The problem is that famous people doing it doesn’t shed a light on it for any more than 5 minutes.

            How many of the SJW’s on social media pouring their hearts out on Friday have given a thought to suicide prevention today? How many will give a thought to it tomorrow, or the next day? Even the number of people who claim to feel sorry for this guy’s family and his six kids dwindles 12 hours after the news and so it should because another rockstar’s death means nothing in the big scheme of thing to most of the people making comments about it.

            It’s a circus side show for 90% of the people that reacted to it where as too many real people live with it day.

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