The Trip to See the Vampires

Blood test, blood samples on a laboratory form

Good morning, lovelies!

I’m getting a late start because I had to wait an hour at my doctor’s office to get my blood drawn. Everyone in Tallahassee and their brother decided to get blood work done on Friday morning.

Essentially, the blood work is for my six month thyroid follow up. They order a full metabolic panel, TSH, T3, and T4 checks. Also they check my vitamin D, because evidently I’m deficient in the D department.


That came out wrong.

… There’s a penis joke somewhere in there.

This weekend’s going to be fun.

Since I’m off keto until I can talk with my doctor next Friday, S.O. and I are getting pizza tonight.

Not just any pizza.


Midtown Pies.

Best damn pizza in Tallahassee.


Seriously. If for some reason you are driving on I10 and pass through, stop and get some. It’s well worth it.

There was this one time where S.O. and I were watching Deadpool, and it was that first scene with the pizza dude and the olive and pineapple pizza.

We had to pause it, call in an order to Midtown Pies, go get it, and resume.

The toppings: pineapple, olive, and ham.


So much yum.

I’ve never been this damned excited about pizza.

Usually pizza and I don’t have the best relationship, but I’ve never had any gut problems from Midtown Pies.

Not once.

We might go back to Wakulla Springs tomorrow. We had such an awesome time last time and it was well worth the $6 entry fee.

However, this time, I will remember my beach blanket.

Also one of my new bathing suits came in. I only ended up ordering two:

The cream colored one came in first. S.O. said it’s going to show too much cleavage…

My response:

“Is that actually something you’re going to complain about.”


“That’s what I thought.”


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