The Ode to my Daddy-O


Good morning, lovelies!

Funny story:

Monday night I got a call from my dad around 6ish in the PM. And, because I was elbows deep in Skyrim, I didn’t see the call until after 9PM, which is usually when my folks bed down.

So, I figured I’d just call him tomorrow.

I get to work yesterday and there’s a voicemail from my dad on my work line.

Pretty nonspecific — just call him back.

My brain starts clicking — what the hell is wrong this time???

I called back immediately and it went to voicemail. I figured he’s at work.

Around 4:30PM I called my dad back and he answered, having gotten off early.

“So, where’s the fire?” I asked.

“Well, hell, I was just about drunk and wanted someone to talk to.”

Thanks dad.


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31 thoughts on “The Ode to my Daddy-O

    • Well, Wisconsin definitely seems like a “off the face of the earth” type place.

      It took me a while to really get into Skyrim. I was told I MUST play Oblivion first. And I really got into it. But I died like 10 times within the first three hours of Skyrim and had to set it down for a bit.

      I ended up starting a whole new game, and it seems to be treating me a lot better.


      • I put away video games for a long time to raise my kids (I played them a lot as a teenager). Then I picked up Skyrim about a year and a half ago because I’m disabled and have a lot of time on my hands. Now I mod Skyrim and Fallout 4. I couldn’t get Oblivion to play right on my computer because I can’t use the mouse and keyboard very well and it wouldn’t play nicely with my controller. But Douglas loves Oblivion. He bought the Steam controller. I’m waiting for them to finish Skyblivion…

        I’m a “new game” addict. I’ve finished the game I think… twice? maybe three times? but I’ve started the game more times than I can count (there’s a mod that lets you skip the tutorial scene).

        Look at me, going on… ^_^ It’s a fun game.

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        • Unfortunately my laptop is broke, and I’m stuck with console version. However because of youtube I just discover skyrim could be modded (yassssss!!!). My mom got me into the Sims and I’ve become a hard core sims modder, so the prospect of modding skyrim makes me giddy. I have a slight crush on Ulfric (that voice, right!) and I was bummed that you can’t romance him in the game without modding it. So, as soon as I get my laptop up, it is so on.


          • I can’t even play Skyrim without mods anymore. I’m not as hardcore as some people who have over 400 mods in their game… I try and keep it under 200 because it just gets too crazy. I don’t always succeed, but I try. ^_^ I tried my hand a building a dungeon, and had the whole thing built and decorated, NPC’s in place and was about to get down to the nitty gritty of navmeshing it when — i accidently deleted it. Totally my own fault. Months of work down the drain in seconds. Right now I’m making mods for Fallout 4, but I’m about to get back to rebuilding that dungeon.

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          • I miss modding so much. I loved modding for the sims. I probably had over 400 mods — mostly clothes, random items, so game altering mods, patterns, meshes. I miss it. So much. Going to have to stick with my console version.

            Although, now that I do have an xbox one, I am interested in the remastered version.


          • When you finally get your computer fixed, they have it on sale on Steam all of the time. We got it free because we had the Legendary edition of Skyrim on the PC, and they were just weird like when they released it.

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      • Also, about my dad… We were living in Virginia. Next thing I know, it’s five years later and there’s a rumor that he’s living in Wisconsin and no one really knows why he just stopped talking to everyone and moved. So yeah, dropped off the face of the Earth. We’re not even sure if he’s alive at this point.

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