The Keto Diaries — The Awesome Friday Spectacular, Spectacular


Good morning, lovelies.

I’m in a great mood — can’t you tell?

I don’t know if I’ve already said this, but I adore my primary care doctor.

After not having “solid” insurance since I was 15, I am one of the super lucky folks to have awesome health insurance through my employer. I’m not counting that one time I had insurance though “Obamacare” because my deductible was ridiculous and it was like not having health insurance at all.

When selecting my new primary care doctor, I did extensive research. I was familiar with the “going to random doctors because you’re sick” life. I read reviews of my doctor, of the partnership in which she works, the facility.

And my research paid off.

Plus, she makes me laugh.

She has two boys, and in every exam room there is a picture of them taken at Disney. It is adorable.

So, this morning I went to see my beloved doctor about my six month thyroid follow up labs. As ya’ll recall from my post earlier this week my thyroid levels are off, putting me into hyperthyroidism due to my dosage not being corrected for my 40lb weight loss.

I didn’t realize how low it was.


Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) is supposed to range between .45 and 4.5. Too little and you are hyper, to much and you are hypo.

My TSH was .006. Like it was trace, almost nonexistent. Also, my T4 (which is what your body actually uses) is too damn high. T4 is supposed to be between .82 and 1.77… mine was 2.34.

In sum — my levothyroxine is getting lowered from 100mcg to 75mcg and I’ve got to go and do blood work mid September, instead of every six months.

Also, no longer deficient in the D department… heheheheheheee.

In addition, since it’s been six months since I actually saw my doctor (when I have a sick visit, I see the ARNP who is as equally awesome and wonderful).

I told her about my IUD experience — which I haven’t given an update here recently.

Lady parts and problems ahead; ye be warned!!!

I’ve had my IUD since May 12, so almost 3 months. I’ve had two “periods” which are soooo much lighter without horrible debilitating cramps. I still get some cramps, but I can actually function. The only downside so far is random spotting and discomfort. No where near insertion pain or the debilitating cramps. The best way I can describe it is like a pinchy fullness. It’s more uncomfortable than painful.

Luckily, Mirena lasts for five years. Most unluckily, though I will be 35 if I go the full monty. S.O. and I are planning to have our shit together and start thinking about kids in two-ish years, and when we’re ready, we’re going to have it removed.

I seriously don’t want to have a geriatric pregnancy. I already associate the word with old people and I refuse to identify with that word at all until 50… definitely not 35.

Plus, because my broke thyroid I’d already be considered high risk. I don’t want to make it worse by being pregnant after that.

Also, my mom told me my eggs were getting old.

End of discussion about lady parts. 

Second weird thing on my labs was that my creatinine was low by a smidge. Normal is between .57 and 1 and mine was .55.

I had a friend with renal failure and she told me that if your creatinine is high, your kidneys may be fucked.

Dunno what low means. Might have to do something with my thyroid being in hyper-mode.

Also, my bun/creatinine ratio was slightly elevated. It makes me kind of worried about my kidneys, but it can pretty much be attributed to my thyroid levels.

Another thing I love about my doctor is she always asks about my emotional state — well mostly because she has me on an SSRI. But she always wants to check on it to see if she needs to raise or lower my dose. Also, as soon as I mentioned I was having TMJ issues due to SSRI induced bruxism, she sent me out immediately to have a night guard made.

And finally, keto.

I told her I was on keto and she was happy. She didn’t have anything derogatory to say about it and was proud of the weight I lost.

I told her about my gut weirdness and the random diarrhea and funny colors and she said it was probably due to food transiting my guts too fast due to my crazy thyroid numbers. She said if I have any other issues or feel funny, to come in.

But overall, definitely a good visit.

And I’m back on keto, baby.

After sushi. Because I want some motherfucking sushi.

Like whoa.

There was this one place I lived where they had this amazing Alaska roll — smoked salmon, cream cheese, and tomato. I haven’t seen any other place that puts tomato in their Alaska roll.

I might need to make my own.

But that’s another post for another day.

Have a good weekend, ya’ll!


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9 thoughts on “The Keto Diaries — The Awesome Friday Spectacular, Spectacular

  1. Glad you got that sorted out, because that sounds so shitty to be going through

    >my deductible was ridiculous and it was like not having health insurance at all.

    Welcome to my world minus the Obamacare. Through Hubs’ old employer, we paid through the freaking nose for insurance and our deductible was so high that it we couldn’t afford to go to the doctor at all unless it was a well-visit that was covered. It’s taken the better part of about a decade (A DECADE) to get my mouth to the point where I’m MOSTLY not in pain anymore because of the way our insurance was. They would cover up to about 800$/year which was like..about half of what a single procedure would cost. I’ve still got a crap ton of work to be done, maybe 5 grand worth or so. IDK what his new insurance will be like, but I hope we get to keep the same dental office because I happen to really REALLY like them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • S.O.’s insurance through his employer is similar — I think he has like a $750 deductible and rarely gets sick. But when he does it’s like a $300 adventure all around.

      I’m especially lucky because I have insurance through the state of Florida (my employer) and they are amazing. $20 office visit for primary doctor, $25 urgent care, $40 specialist, $100 ER, and I think it’s $250/day if you get admitted.

      I however, even though I have dental insurance, haven’t found a dentist I like. Well, I liked the dentist who did my mouth guard, but that was covered under my health insurance and NOT my dental insurance… which unfortunately that office didn’t take.

      The dental office I was going to had three dentists come and go in the span of a year… the other dentist explained the turnover rates are high in practices who accept HMO’s… which is what my insurance is. I think when open enrollment rolls around again I might shell out more for a PPO. I need a crown badly and I got quoted at like $800. And the tooth isn’t bothering me, although the filling is slowly crumbling. Also to fill this teensy cavity in on the underside of my front tooth, the wanted to charge me almost $100. Also a cleaning was in the neighborhood of $100, too. However, when I went to the oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth out last year, it only cost me like $107 for the whole shebang.

      I just don’t have that kind of money laying around to get all that work done on my mouth.


  2. I’m glad your appointment went well. I hope your meds get adjusted accordingly. I’m considering going to the urgent care today… and it’ll be out of pocket. I’ve been this route before and it’s a crapshoot. Wish me luck. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh no, you are one of those that eats sushi.

    Go to Thailand for your dental work. Thousands of people every year go from here to Thailand because even paying for the trip and accommodation is cheaper than paying for dental work here. It’s been that way for cosmetic surgery for years bit now dental work is overtaking any other procedure. Most dentists here charge $75 just to walk in the door, even the cheaper dentists charge $200 for a filling, tooth extractions start at $300 providing they come out easy, any struggling and the bill will skyrocket. There are some cheaper ones but there is also dentists here charging upwards of $800 for an extraction depending on the area they are in. I don’t want to pick you up from the floor so I wont tell you how much I paid the faceache last year, but even with full cover insurance I paid more than the prices you have quoted….at least if I ever have to go to hospital I’ll be treated better.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Despite the media, I’ve never been treated poorly at the ER… well not by the doctors and nurses, just the billing, especially when not having insurance. The last time I went my back gave out and S.O. had to wheel chair me in.

      The staff was wonderful.

      And yeoch! That is a lot for dental care. I really wish they’d make health, dental, and vision the same thing under the same roof. I feel like because dental and vision are separate from health they can charge whatever. Last time I bought glasses, it was like $500.

      But why not treat dental like a dermatology procedure or vision the same as getting hearing aids or other medical equipment.

      Like, my health insurance covered my night guard. Under dental it would have been $500ish and without insurance it would have been over $1000… also I accidently bit the hygienist and I’m sure there is a fee for that.

      I dunno… just thinking out loud.

      Liked by 1 person

      • We’ve been treated relatively well inside the ER but 8 hours waiting with a kid who is tired and coughing to the point of gasping really sucked. I understand there is a queue and some people are sicker than others but 2 kids under five in an ER for 8 hours (one sick) without even being seen pissed me off big time.

        When my wife had a problem with her eye we had to go to the city to the Eye and Ear Hospital, it would take us 2 and a half hours to drive there, 2 and a half hours home and our shortest wait was 4 hours, add to that our youngest was 3 weeks old and the appointments lasted less than 20 mins, there wasn’t even a TV in the waiting room and we did that every second day for 3 fucken weeks until I cracked the shits and asked why someone local couldn’t do it because it was unfair on everyone involved. Mysteriously there was no need for appointments after that.

        In this country dental and eyes are separate systems, they are covered under most private insurance policies but only eye issues (not eye wear) are under the public system. We can claim glasses on insurance though

        The biggest problem with our private system is that it’s often easier to use the public system. I’ve got a friend with Crohn’s and she spends quite a bit of time in hospital but refuses to use her private cover for those things partly because the premiums go up but mainly because it’s just easier for her to use the public system and there are alot of people like her. I’ve paid a small fortune for private health cover and the only time I’ve really used it was last year with the dentist, we didn’t even use it for the kids when they were born.


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