The Gaping Mass Effect 3 Plot Hole

Hokay guys, Imma nerd out on you for a minute or two.


This has been bothering me since my last play through of Mass Effect 3 (ME3).

What happened to all the people on the Citadel?

Now, for those who haven’t played or aren’t a huge fan of the series, this is all gonna sound like Greek, and I apologize.

According to lore, there are 13ish million people living on the Citadel.

Somewhere between the Sanctuary mission and the assault on the Cerberus base, the reapers acquire the Citadel and move it to earth. I can’t remember if you can make a pit stop on the Citadel between Sanctuary and the Cerberus base.

So, Sanctuary and the Cerberus base together probably take like a week in game time (factoring in travel and stuff)… basically a rough estimate. Couldn’t take more than that.

In that time, the reapers had essentially eliminated the 13 million people and transited the station to earth.

Now, did they send in squads?

Did the decompress the station?

Did the people put up a resistance?

Was there an evacuation?

What about the Citadel Defense Force you were building up?

I mean, there were some pretty influential and important people on the Citadel at the time:

  • The Counsel
  • Aria
  • Liara’s Father
  • Bailey
  • All the refugees
  • All the diplomats
  • The teenager who was waiting on her family
  • Barla Von

What happened to them all?

Also, there was no outward destruction of the station — the arms were closed, yes, but it doesn’t look like reapers tore through it with their main cannon.

It’s probably a giant, gaping plot hole on part of Bioware, considering how horrible and unsatisfying the ending was.

But for what it is, my head cannon is that there were pockets of resistance to held out as long as possible but were eventually consumed by the reapers and turned into their thralls.

But still, Bioware just gleaned over losing 13ish million people.

Not cool, bro.


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