The Practical Wedding

Good morning, lovelies!

Since S.O. got a nibble on job here, it’s brought a couple of things from the back burner to the front burner — like moving logistics, etc.

But, wait, weren’t we supposed to get married.

Like a while ago?

We put our nuptials on the back burner because it wasn’t practical.

When we first started talking about it, I just wanted to do a court house thing and a reception type thing.

But two years later I feel kind of differently.

A lot has changed.

I do want to do a thing.

Like a backyard ceremony, or a park, or hell, even a beach.

I kind of like the idea of renting a beach house for the weekend and getting married on the beach.


I don’t love the idea of catering. Mostly because money is a thing that actually exists and I don’t have much of.

Just nope.

I kind of want to a pot luck/covered dish thing.

Also, I didn’t want to do the huge wedding dress thing. I’d gotten a really adorable calf length A-line white embellished dress from Torrid, with a coupon, for $60ish.


I can’t believe there’s still a picture of this dress floating around the internet, even though I bought it two years ago. I hits me just below the knees. But the bust is a bit too big, now.

The reason this tangent started is because I was watching fail videos last night… then wedding fails… the wedding dresses.

So I tried it on… and it needs to be taken in.

I started thinking of other alterations — I want a gold bow/sash/belt thingy. Also, I kind of want to add some tulle peeking out from underneath to bring it from calf length to ankle length.

Also I need to find shoes. Someone on here that I follow posted that they found their wedding shoes and I ADORE them and I wish I could find her post because I want those shoes. They were perfect.

I’m looking, essentially, for gold embellished flats… but I don’t want some giant thing on the toe. I want something tasteful, and shiny… and in my size. While perusing the interwebs, all the shoes I liked would not fit my huge German feet.


Kind of like this, but with a back, and more like a ballerina flat.

I’m going to Besty’s tonight for GoT and I brought it with me so she can kind of visualize what I’m talking about and we can make alterations.

Also… people. Who to invite? Who to include IN the wedding. Like I know who S.O.’s best man would be. I have a plethora of girl cousins to choose from, or I could have Besty as my maid of honor. I have a flower girl picked out. His cousin’s son could be the ring dude…

I dunno. This has become an interesting thought exercise.


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11 thoughts on “The Practical Wedding

  1. Ahhhh weddings, nothing else in this world brings out the bullshit in people more than a wedding. Marry yourself, invite no one, get smashed, fall asleep, wake up hung over, jobs done.

    Although in saying that your huge German monster feet and your head that has lost 40lbs would look good in those shoes. I think they should have a pink bow on them though.

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  2. Since Douglas got married late in life (43…) we had to do a thing for his family, because they’d given up hope of him getting hitched at all. We invited about 75 people, 50 came mostly his family.

    A friend of ours got ordained (it cost him $25) and did the ceremony, which lasted exactly 2.5 minutes (someone filmed it). We said our own vows.

    I made the cake, but we had an hors d’oeuvres buffet that was pretty cheap — relatively speaking… We rented a hall pretty cheap — about $200 — and I bought all the decorations at the thrift stores or got them from freecycle. Then I gave them away on freecycle after I was done. I made some of them. Here’s a post about it on my old blog I’m guessing it’s safe enough to post here. ^_^

    All in all, it cost about $4K and most of that was the catering (which included the bartender and liquor license). I made my own dress.

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    • Awesome.

      I think its gonna be even lower key than that. I mean, I like the idea of using airbnb for a beach house for the weekend and have it as a “staging area” and place for reception, getting married on the beach, and maybe catering…. or a pot luck.

      All in all, I wanna go for less than $1500. Most decor I can pinterest and I can probably find flowers somewhere. I have a friend that’s a photographer who is pretty reasonable. Honestly, I want the most expensive part to be the beach house rental (maybe less than $400 for the weekend if I go to the “low key” beach. Also, most beaches are public property, so score, but there is the lack of privacy.


      • Yeah, we got super lucky with our venue — the Hot Air Balloon Museum in Albuquerque NM — it was about $200 for the day, then it was “discovered” as a wedding venue and the price shot way up. We were one of the last couples to get it at that price. And it used to be a restaurant, so there was a kitchen *and* a separate bar. The caterer used the kitchen and the bartender never got in their way. It was a steal really. ^_^ They’re out there… you just gotta find ’em.

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  3. Whatever you end up doing, don’t do what you’re SUPPOSED to do just because that’s what somebody says “This is what you’re supposed to do.”

    When I was a teenager, I dreamed of getting married on Halloween and wearing a big, foofy, lacy thing with a ridiculously large skirt. Because I’m a weirdo like that. I wanted to carry black or dead roses (or at least fake dead looking roses because I hate the scent of roses). I wanted it to be a gloriously gothic thing.

    What did I end up doing?

    I wore a white, beaded, floofy dress that I still can’t believe I wore. I got married on Valentine’s Day and our colors were red and white. I carried roses..but red ones (fake, of course) with a small decorative dove attached to one side. I wore pearls and silver beaded heels and a rhinestone tiara. I got married in a church instead of a graveyard.


    Because this was what was expected of me. I’m the oldest of 3 and the ONLY one who’s ever had any interest in actually getting married and I suspected my parents knew that was going to be the way it would turn out. I was supposed to do the right thing, because I’d ALWAYS done the right thing because that’s what was expected of me.

    And now…almost 19 years on…I’m kinda sorry sometimes I did it the way I was expected to do it.

    Whatever way you end up doing this whole wedding thing, kiddo, do it YOUR way. That way you won’t be sorry later.

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