The Down Week


Hey guys…

I’m feeling extra kind of crappy this week.

If you remember last week I was talking about having my thyroid med dosage changed. I haven’t been able to pick up the 75mcg dose at the pharmacy yet, and I’ve been breaking my 100’s in half and taking 50mcg instead of the 75mcg.

I feel that shit in my bones, man.

So today I took a 100mcg and maybe I’ll perk back up. Because… well fuck it. I got too much shit to do.

Sorry for being sparse.


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21 thoughts on “The Down Week

    • I’ve been good so far today, mostly because of coffee and I took 100mcg instead of 75mcg. I actually feel good and not so completely brain dead.

      Like yesterday, I had to make a call for work. Made it, left a voicemail, the person called back and I forgot the person called back so I called them again… and then they were freaked out they weren’t doing what they were supposed to do…. it was a mess that ended up with me profusely apologizing stating that my brain refuses to work.

      I actually ended up taking off early yesterday because I just felt like butt.


  1. People need to stop commenting here it encourages you!

    Come on princess get a spoonful of cement and HTFU.

    Incidentally why does one have to go home from work when they feel all soft and squishy? I could understand it if you went home because you smelt like a butt but feeling like one can’t be that bad.

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