The Weird Social Situations


Good morning, lovelies!

I need some advice.

This Saturday, S.O. and I woke up early enough to visit this amazing cafe in town. You need to get there early, or else you will be waiting for a table for half an hour. But the food is so worth it — seriously, crab cakes eggs benedict with the most amazing hollandaise sauce.

And I saw a person (friend-ish)…. It’s complicated. Lets call her Friendly. Essentially last November/December she stopped talking to me and I asked her what her problem was… then she ignored me for eight months.

But we talked like nothing happened.

Rewind a bit — there was a schism in my friend group when two friends got into a drunken fist fight over politics. Besty, who is a moderate conservative and another person… I dunno, lets call her Overshare… who is very, very militant liberal.

Of course, most of our friend group is liberal. As I’ve said before, I’m very libertarian and prefer common sense over partisan dogma. But I digress. Everyone in the situation took Overshare’s side — even though it was obvious Besty wasn’t the one who swung first.

And I took Besty’s side, because, well… common sense.

Evidently that made me a pariah among the friend group — it was like two weeks before the election and tensions were high. Tribal mentality was a thing and people were acting legit insane. If I weren’t completely mired in it, it would be an awesome social experiment to watch objectively and see how logic and rationality break down.

So all that aside… I chatted with Friendly for a while whilst getting coffee, then she came over and spoke with S.O. and I for a bit.

Sunday, I had Besty over for homemade Pho and Scrabble. During said hanging out time, I got a series of FB messages from Friendly giving me a last minute invite to Overshare’s baby shower.

It’s this Thursday. And I have to bring an appetizer.

I showed it to Besty and she had a good chuckle and told me not to go… but should I go?


Friendly hasn’t actually spoken with me in eight months. Then suddenly after a chance meeting I’m back in the fold? “Oh, hey, she’s cool again.”

I mean, I’ve spoken with Overshare a few times, albeit awkwardly… like random comments on FB and once in the line at Publix.


I kind of feel like this is some Mean Girls trap… but I’m just so curious.

So, should I stay or should I go?


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42 thoughts on “The Weird Social Situations

  1. Ok so just remember you asked for this advice.

    Having read through you predicament, taken notes, assessed everything, and re-read thing to make sure I understood everything clearly, my advice is….

    Don’t go to a friggen cafe that makes you wait for a table. NO CAFE is worth that,

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  2. Ahaha goodness, personally I tend to be extremely wary about flighty people like this! Think about it, everyone is busy enough as they are with all the things that life throws at them. We barely have time to spend it with our loved ones and then people like this appear out of nowhere. (only to disappear for no reason later).

    My vote is no. Make up a friendly enough excuse and don’t go!

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  3. I wouldn’t go…it’s more than likely just a ploy to get more diapers, gifts, etc for Overshare. You don’t not talk to somebody for months on end and then go “Oh yeah. I’m having a babyshower and technically you’re still my friend maybe so you gotta come to this shit.”

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  4. I totally wouldn’t go, but I despise things like baby showers, so that’s me. Also, if after 8 months the first thing she does is invite you to a baby shower? I wouldn’t say it’s a “Mean Girl” thing going on, but yeah, totally a bid for more diapers.

    Leave the high school drama behind. Y’all are beyond that.

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    • Agreed. I’m at the quantity vs. quality stage in friendships. The three people I socialize with the most, other than my coworkers which is a “forced to because rent is a thing”, are S.O., Besty, and Motorhead. Sometimes my family, but it’s more of a “hey I’m alive and this is what’s going on with my life”.


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