The ******** ***********

If not indicated by the title, there will be exceptionally strong language in this post. If this offends you, avert your eyes… and maybe light yourself on fire. Dude… do whatever you need to do to avoid words on the internet from hurting your feelings.



It’s been a shitty, rather Kafkaesque, day.

I was going to title this post “The Fuckshit Cunthattery”… but, it’s a little (a lot) inflammatory.

What is fuckshit cunthattery?

Fuckshit cunthattery is when someone engages in cunthattery of the fuckshit variety.

Yesterday, I stayed late, making up time from when I was having an assy fucking week last week (thyroid hormone imbalance).

Earlier in the day, we were given a special project and allowed to do overtime/comp time (OT) for this project. For this project, we’re doing phone surveys.

So, I’m just hanging out here until 7pm, working on this project, doing some OCD office shit… that kind of stuff, making up the time I missed last week (read: NOT OT). Incompetent stayed late too… OT or making up time… whatever. I don’t give a fuck. That’s her business and her schedule is between boss lady and her. Not my business.


I went to Besty and Motorhead’s last night and watched GoT and got really drunk and ended up sleeping on their couch.

So, I’m just going about my fucking business this morning, doing my fucking job like I always fucking do.

One of the greatest/worst thing about our office area is that the walls are super fucking thin. I can hear everything. Every keystroke, every mouse click, sniffle, expletive, and long suffering sigh.

Incompetent slinks into boss lady’s office, closes the door, and starts “tattling”, for a lack of a better word, that I stayed late on OT and sat around and did nothing.


Are you fully fucking serious???


I was making up time, not on OT. I did the special project and I did extra shit… like clean out my work inbox that’s been cluttered up for two months, faxing, other caseload shit. You know… my job. So, I spent part of the time on the phone, and part of the time not.

But I’m a rational human being, and I didn’t barge in my boss’s office and call her a fucking liar nosey old biddy who likes to watch other people do their jobs and get in their business instead of actually doing her fucking job the way she’s supposed to fucking do it so I don’t have to do extra fucking work cleaning up her fucking messes because she’s too fucking incompetent to do her fucking job.

About 15 minutes later, we all got a group email about how OT is reserved for this special survey project and not for other things. We are to tally our surveys we do on OT and send them to her.

I chime back, CC’ing everyone in the group including Incompetent, smoothly, “did you want us to send you our survey totals from when we were doing surveys on not OT?  Because I did surveys yesterday afternoon whilst I was making up time, not on OT and I want to make sure you are getting the numbers you need.”

Then, I went to my boss’s office, door fully open, and explained what all I did yesterday after 5, in excruciating detail, very loudly.


Office politics fuckshit cunthattery.


So, I got thrown under the bus by my asshat coworker. My lovelies, how is your day going?


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19 thoughts on “The ******** ***********

  1. Office politics is a sure fired trigger for my mania, even on meds. It’s the sole reason why worked temp jobs most of my career (people mostly left temps alone) and one of the many reasons why I don’t work in an office anymore. ^_^ I can’t even tell you how many times I quit in a manic rage because of office politics, and it’s not specific to the cubicle jungle either. These kinds of petty politics are everywhere… I just wanted people to leave me the fuck alone and let me do my job. I mean, is that too much to ask? Clearly, it is. >_<

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    • Agreed. I really and truly don’t care what you’re doing as long as I don’t have to fix it or it doesn’t cost me more time an energy. I’m not the one that signs your paychecks. For instance, we’ve had a new phone system for a month and a new way to check voicemails. She and I alternate weeks for checking the main line voicemail. This whole time she’s been checking voicemail for the old system; saying they’re aren’t any messages. Come to find out, she’s been doing it wrong… even when they told us all how to properly do it when the system was changed over. Guess that’s why when I was my week, there were messages from the week prior that I had to take care of.

      I’m seriously sick of this woman causing me to have to do extra work.

      But then again, her little buddy is gone and she’s gotta start shit somehow. And she wants to talk about people not doing their job — when Bosslady went into a meeting at 3, she started chatting with her neighbor… and is still chatting almost 45 minutes later.

      I mean, I may spend time on WP… because I”m bored AF and my work isn’t challenging, but it pays the bills…. I get my shit done, I do it well, and I do it in a timely manner.

      Sorry… venting. I’m still pretty pissed about this. Especially considering I had to put off part of my caseload to help her with her caseload, which I finished, then I have to work on my case load and this stupid project. On top of doing this special survey project that SHE HASN’T EVEN STARTED on her part and it’s due in two weeks.

      I feel like I’m in high school, right now, doing group work and someone’s slacking, but still wanting to bitch and criticize everyone else’s work…. and we’re talking about a woman in her 50’s.


      • Yep, that’s why I usually went mental, because it’s like some people never left high school and I couldn’t deal. Sorry you have to deal with it right now… Take a deep breath and picture her as a teeny bopper — right out of the eighties (that’s when we 50 year olds went to school)… purple hair and everything. That might make you smile.

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        • Thanks! I got a chuckle out of that.

          This may make me sound like a horrible person… but sometimes I wonder how these people who seem like they’re too dumb to live haven’t gone the way of natural selection.

          I just feel like a bad person for having said it. lol.

          My boss brought in some chocolate and I already ruined my carb-free day. So I think when I get home Shower Beer is going to be a thing. It’s been that kind of a day.


          • Lol. Makes perfect sense.

            Though, makes you wonder what would happen if natural selection became a thing again. I mean, I know I’d be toast. I’m completely blind without my glasses plus a broken thyroid = not on the top of the food chain.

            I read this article about how humans have completely subverted natural selection — how, for instance women with smaller pelvises are able to have babies due to modern medicine. Mom and baby will be saved… to pass down the small pelvis gene… and on… and on. Where when natural selection was a thing, mom and baby would, unfortunately, die and the small pelvis gene would get passed on.

            Kind of an interesting thought exercise.


          • … revenge might seem like a too strong word. Lests rephrase It to defensive strategies.

            Some “CYA”… if you will.

            I’m going to continue doing an awesome job… and document the fuck out of everything. So, if she tries to throw me under the bus again, I will be ready.

            See… you’re fortunate you are a dude. You can come out to a coworker, discuss the issue, agree or agree to disagree, and move the fuck on. Females aren’t like that. I tried the male approach and was labelled a bitch, aggressive, troublesome… what ever other bullshit they could come up with. When working with women, everything is gossip, backstabbing, passive aggressive, and two faced. I can’t take the male approach — it doesn’t Work. So, I have to modify the way I approach the situation.

            Because women are ridiculous and complicated when it comes to conflict resolution, and still when it seems like things are said and done, females will remember that shit and hold it against folks.

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          • My first job I had a annoying old lady who brought personal issues about my brothers girlfriend to work and tried to get me in the shit, I took the wrong approach and took her to task. I learnt quickly there is better ways to do things and raised voices isn’t that way.

            Women aren’t that different to men, it’s just an excuse to justify the way they do things. I’ve known truck drivers to have disagreements that have lasted years and gotten just as petty as any female argument.

            At the end of the day any petty disagreement where two people struggle to work together, any time where one person starts telling tales, any time where voices are raised the supervisor is a piss poor supervisor if they can’t fix it. Mind you the fact that two adults can’t work out something as simple as a little workplace dispute says a lot about them too. No one has to like who they work with but constant hate/dislike screws up both side.


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