The ShowerBeer


Good morning lovelies!

I had some really bizarre dreams last night — I dreamed I found out Lord Voldemort was my dad and to escape I ran away and joined Star Fleet.

I guess that qualifies as one of those situations where you literally don’t want to live on the planet any more.


Well, after the shitstorm of a day I had yesterday, I went home, cracked open a beer (not low carb, but at that point no fucks were given), took off my clothes, and got in the shower… with my beer.

I call it ShowerBeer.

It was glorious.

To properly perform ShowerBeer, your beer must be in a container where water and soap are not likely to enter… preferably a bottle. And you just let the hot water soak away your worries and drink your beer.


If you had a really, really epic shitty day, bring a second one with you… already opened.

I ended up crashing at like 8pm.

I didn’t sleep well the nigh before because I slept on Besty and Motorhead’s couch. They have this 20 lb giant white cat who decided I was to be her bed. It was cute for a while…

I woke up at 5am, and evidently I slept in a weird position because my hip/pelvic carriage was all kinds of hurting and my arm was asleep.

So, I’m bound and determined to have a good day. I put on makeup, wearing a knee length dress, and some bright red lipstick.


It will be a good day.

There will be no Fuckshit Cunthattery.

*Note: whilst searching for accompanying images, I realized ShowerBeer is more prolific than originally thought. Great minds think alike.


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8 thoughts on “The ShowerBeer

  1. I would try that but for two things. I don’t drink anymore, and when I did drink, I couldn’t stand the taste of beer — any beer, and I tried many of them because all of my friends drank beer. But yeah, it’s nasty (to me). I think it’s the hops, but I can’t be sure. Blech. The only time I drank beer was when I was already falling down drunk — that was the signal to my friends that it was time to take me home and tuck me in. Luckily it didn’t happen very often. ^_^

    But hey, to each their own. Sounds like it works for you, and that’s what counts.

    I had weird dreams last night too.

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