Well, hello! I’m a way too average 20-something (for the next year or so) that seem to have it together from the outside, but internally I’m melting down. I tell funny stories. Am a jack of all trades. Haven’t mastered any. I do all those cliche things in the hobbies section of most online dating profiles including reading, writing, cooking, hiking, brain surgery, etc…. I aspire to have all my shit together one day.

I started this blog for two main reasons: to get back into writing and as an outlet for my depression and anxiety. I used to write all the time — fiction and non fiction. As I grew older, I went through this phase where I hated everything I wrote and deleted it. I was embarrassed and ashamed. I still do that sometimes, and later regret it.

Sometimes I get anxious; sometimes I get depressed. The most recent piques stem from my existential crisis — what is the meaning in my life and is it this this humdrum 40+ hours of work for the rest of my life or will I actually do something meaningful with my existence. I started this to explore and lay out my thoughts, stead of keeping them as a jumbled mess inside my head.

I try to write a little bit of something every day or post a picture. Just mostly to keep in the habit and keep fresh ideas coming. I’m kind of rambly and go on weird tangents. I write about random things — whatever pops in my head.

I am an INTP, so I am very logic based and matter of fact about a lot of things. Sometimes that is a turn off for people and they don’t understand my thought processes because I don’t use emotionalism to make decisions. Also, I’m just plain weird.

Some things I am passionate about: photography, cooking, outer space, comedy, cats, newborn screening, Futurama, hearing loss, thyroid disease awareness, keto, victimization, refinishing furniture, wall art, Farscape, science-y stuff, data, criminological theories, dystopian future stories, Mass Effect, and Jane Austin. Not in that order, though.

And if you do stumble upon this, welcome. Feel free to email me or comment. I don’t bite… unless you want me to, but I have to tell you first that’s how diseases happen. And zombies. We don’t want zombies.